Coaster Dispenser

Introduction: Coaster Dispenser

For This project, you need a 3D printer, Auto-desk inventor, and catalyst to print the object.

Step 1: Open Inventer to Start Making the Coaster

To make this, you will need Inventor to 3D design the coaster and dispenser itself. Once open press start 2D sketch in top left corner of the program, then construct a circle with the circle tool in the bar menu. Make sure to make it 3 inches long. Next press E on you keyboard (Extrude) to turn your creating into a 3D object. make sure to make it .1 inches thick. Now, repeat the first step by hitting the 2D sketch button in the top right corner of the program again. Make another circle inside to make ring on the outside of the circle. After this press E again (Extrude) and set it to .05. Now save the part.

Step 2: The Three Walls

Now onto the dispenser. first make four walls, but only three will have the same dimensions. use the start 2D sketch again and draw lines to make a wall 3.25 by 1.5 long. Now hit E (Extrude) and make the wall .125 thick. save this part.

Step 3: Dispenser Wall

Now you have to make the fourth wall where the coaster will dispense from. Use the start 2D sketch again and make the dementions 1 by 3.25. Now press E (Extrude) and make it .125 thick. Save this part.

Step 4: Top

Now you have to make the top with a hole in it for the coasters to go in. press start 2D sketch and make a square 3.25 by 3.25. Press E (Extrude) and make it .125 thick. Press start 2D sketch again and make a circle with the circle button and make it 3.1 in diameter. Extrude it in the opposite way by pressing the box with the arrow going the opposite way, make sure you put in .125 so it becomes a hole. Save your part.

Step 5: Bottom

Now to make the Bottom. Press start 2D sketch and make a square 3.25 by 3.25. press E (Extrude) and make it .125 thick. Now press start 2D sketch again and click on the side on the square (Thin side). At one end, make a line 1 inch tall, now click the angle button and make a angle of 45 going back down to the base of the square. Save the Part.

Step 6: Corners

This is optional, If you want this to look completely square, do the following. Press start 2D sketch and make a square .125 by .125. Then press E (Extrude) and make it 1.5 thick. Save your part.

Step 7: Assemble

(All measurements stated are in inches)

Now to put all of the parts together. Press New assemble and place all of the parts you created (do not forget to place the regular walls three times). Now, start by putting the walls on the bottom by using the constrain tool in the tool bar. Click the surface of the two objects that will be touching each other. Now to make it even, press the option in the constrain menu that looks like 2 blocks side by side creating a flat surface. Do this multiple times to get the walls centered. Do this for all walls, including the wall where the coaster dispenses from. Now to add the top, use constrain again to put the top on top of the walls. Now you have to move it yourself. Since the front of the circle is overlapping you need to move it with your mouse back very little until the circle is not being overlapped anymore.

Step 8: Print

Now, once saved, export your assembly in CAD format. when the next window comes up, press options and make sure your measurement is set to inches and not centimeters, this is found in the top left corner of the window. Next open the CAD file in Catalyst file and begin your 3D print. After it is done printing, repeat the export and SAD process and print the coaster.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great job of CAD modeling. If you print it out, post some pictures of the final product.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Will do! Still in the tank but I'm sure there's still some modifying to be done to it.