Coca-Cola Chicken





Introduction: Coca-Cola Chicken

A simple chicken recipe flavored with Coca-Cola.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients and Utensils

- chicken
- 2 liters of Coca-Cola
- soy sauce (preferably light)
- salt
- water

Do not use Diet Coke as it does not contain sugar.

- pot or pan to simmer chicken with
- stirring utensil

Step 2: Cooking

1. Boil the chicken in water until it is fully cooked.

2. Dump the water and replace it with Coca-Cola.

3. - Begin simmering the chicken in Coca-Cola for about 30 minutes or until flavor fully sets in. Cover the pot to keep the flavor in.
-Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for every liter of Coca-Cola to balance the sweet and salty flavors a bit.
- Add about 3 tablespoons of soy sauce for every liter of Coca-Cola if light soy sauce is used. Otherwise you may want to leave it at 2 tablespoons or it will be too salty. Adjust flavorings to personal taste and remember to stir occasionally.

4. After 30 minutes, the remaining Coca-Cola should have a thick, syrupy consistency.

Step 3: Enjoy

Consume the chicken.



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54 Discussions

please consider they made this with wings and drumettes only..I would like to see a sesame chicken or honehy chicken. with big pieces of chicken.. wings is fast and easy..

my husbands sister use to make it ketchup and coke. I've never made this before but I'll try anything once. Can you put it in a crock pot?

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Don't see why it wouldn't work. Although it might be harder to get the liquid down to a sauce like thickness.

doubtful, unless your one of those types that can tell the difference (i cant even tell the difference and ive been hooked on it for something like 13 years lol) in my experience caffeine is bitter on its own so you might end up with a slightly sweeter version if you use caffeine free, but dont take my word on it.

Probably not good to concentrate such a large quantity of artificial sweetener. Best to stick with the natural stuff.

I followed this recipe exactly until the sauce and the chicken simmered in the pan for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the sauce wasn't close to being a clear and sticky sauce as pictured. I removed the chicken and continued the sauce with the exception of adding about 1/3 cup of an orange marmalade mixed with a fig and muscot variety. I reduced the sauce until clear, thick and sticky, about two hours later as someone posted earlier. I turned off the sauce and mixed the chicken pieces back in and re-warmed it in the oven the next evening. Yum! Sorry no pictures and I can't click, I Made it! without providing a photo. We devoured it but it looked very much like the original post. Confession: I used a real cola product made with sparkling water, cane sugar and cola nuts (

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you should post this with instructions as its own recipe, it sounds amazing, but you changed virtually everything except the chicken

It is quite simmilar to a quasi traditional chinese recipe. It is not really traditional, but it is quite common in china and they also serve it in restaurants. Small differences (as far as i remember them): chicken is not boiled but fried. Add spring onions at end of frying time. Also add ginger. Then the coke and soy sauce and no extra salt rather more soy sauce. The rest as described here.

This actually sounds like something I can do and would like to eat.

Doesn't the recipe work, because the sugar in the coke is caramelized when it is cooked? Doesn't diet/sugar free soda defeat the purpose of the whole thing?

Just made it and wow was that simple and delicious! Tastes like some sort of mild teriyaki chicken.

I've never tried this before, it sounds really yummy and simple to make :)

hi!! we use a sachet of french onion soup mix at the beginning with just a bit of coke, and add coke a little at a time as its cooking so it evaporates faster and gets thicker. and we do ours on the stovetop, and it goes nice with potato bake. yum.

I laugh seeing this because my dad is making this almost every weekend (:

Hmmmmm, I wonder how Ginger Ale would taste . . . . . . .

I tried it ('cos I was curious how it would taste) - its easy to make and delicious! Thank you for sharing!