Coconut Lamp




Introduction: Coconut Lamp

How to make a lamp with green waste?

Two pieces of driftwood and a coconut, that's all you need to make a unique and beautiful lamp.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:





lightbulb socket

electrical wire with a switch

2 screws

different size of glasses




drill bits

As you will see english isn't my mother tongue, so my instruction aren't perfect but you should understand, if not there are pictures !

Step 2: Draw Your Design

Before drilling you need to draw roughtly a design on your coconut.

I'm not very good at drawing so I'm using glasses or other stuff to draw my circles. You can use anything to draw a pattern.

Don't forget to draw a hole for the lightbulb socket to go throught, mine is 26mm diameter so I used a 26mm drill bit.

When your drawing is finished, you can start drilling. Don't worry If it is not perfect you can correct it on the way.

Step 3: Time to Drill

Ok, now let's start drilling.

I make small holes (2 mm diameter) so it's easier with a dremel, but if you don't own one you can perfectly use a regular drill.

As you can think, the smallest is your hole, the longest it will be.

As you can see, I make a hole to hold the coconut on the base with the lightbulb socket. The bigger one at the top is to put the lightbulb in place, and later to change it.

When all the drilling is done, you can sand the coconut, to erase the drawing and obtain a nice smooth finish.

Step 4: Assembling the Base

First, I drill a 26mm hole profund enough to place the lightbulb socket, and in the middle of this one, drill another one to pass your electrical wire through the wood.

Make two holes on your base (I used two nails to know where to drill) , place your driftwood on top and screw from under to hold it together.

Next step is to connect your wire with the socket. Pass the wire through the base, and open up the lightbulb socket.

My bulb socket separates on 3 parts, put the first one through the wire,. The second one is to connect your wires. Just unscrew pass the wire in and screw back. When it's done, you can reassemble your socket. Put it on the hole you made before.

Step 5: Put Together the Coconut on the Base

To assemble those two parts, we put the coconut on the socket by the hole we made before. To hold it together, I use the ring of the lightbulb socket. Screw the ring until your coconut it's blocked.

Now just put the lightbulb in place an try it.

I hope you understand my instructions.

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Thanks for reading.



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    13 Discussions

    Hi. Great project and great instructable.

    I have only one question, how did you hollow out the coconut without cutting it in half?

    1 reply

    I drill a hole and then enlarge it with a dremel, And a spoon or anything that fit to empty it.

    This is very cool, i wish i had some extra time nu:( got some side projects to finish up ASAP alongside we need to work to pay internet bills and what not(: when i get some free time i will surely make this on. Thanks for the share.

    Very cute lamp! It would work well with a tea light too, these are popular in Thailand.

    1 reply

    Work well with tea light, but I like stronger light to have the pattern on the wall.

    I love stuff made with coconut shells. This is a fantastic idea! :)

    1 reply

    Coconut are great to work with. They got a nice shape, already empty and when sand you got a beautiful wood.

    That's very cool. I live in a land of a gazillion coconuts, so I'll save this one for later! Got my vote too!

    1 reply

    Thank for your vote. Enjoy your coconut lamp making.

    way to go, I really like the use of a coconut as a lamp. the patterns you used is very creative.

    1 reply

    Thank you, I just try to make something nice. Happy you like it.

    yeah, I love driftwood. You never know what to do with it when you pick them up. They're just nice, but some times you can make something with it