Coffee Table With Light Up Sign

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I made this coffee table from scratch, it features a light up arrow sign and a glass tabletop with a wood frame.

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Step 1: Materials

I apologize for the lack of progress pictures, I made this instruct able after I'd already built the table.


- one or two 2'x4's
- light up arrow or sign (I found mine at a local antique store)
-Glass tabletop
-wood glue
-sandpaper (60, 120, 220, 400 grits)
-wood stain and rag or brush

Step 2: Frame Construction

Decide on the dimensions of your table. For me, I used the glass tabletop as a guide and made the wood frame a little smaller so that the glass top would fit nicely on top.

Rip the 2'x4's to 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" on a table saw or radial arm saw.

Cut four legs at 17", or whatever height you want the table to be

Cut four cross-pieces, which will connect all of the legs.

Screw and glue the cross pieces to the legs, at a distance from the top that is a little more than the height of the light up arrow/sign. For example, if my arrow is 6" tall, I would screw the crosspieces into the legs 6 1/2" down from the top so that there is room for the sign to sit on top of the crosspieces and still fit under the glass.

Once your frame is complete, sand it down with sandpaper, starting with coarse grit and ending with fine grit paper.

Stain the wood frame or paint it, whichever you think would look better. I used a dark walnut stain on my table.

Step 3: Add the Light Up Sign

Now that we have the wood frame, lay the light up sign on top of the cross pieces of the frame. If we measured correctly, the sign should rest on top of the crosspieces and sit just under the top of the table.

An additional crosspiece or two may be necessary to provide a shelf for the sign to rest on.

Secure the sign to the frame using screws or glue, whichever seems more practical.

Step 4: Add the Top

Finally, just place the glass to on top of your frame and marvel at the cool piece of furniture you just built! If you like, place glue dots or felt on top of the legs so that the glass isn't resting directly on the wood legs of the frame.



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