Command and Counquer Zero Hour Basics (U.S.A.)

Introduction: Command and Counquer Zero Hour Basics (U.S.A.)

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I noticed that nobody put a CNC ZH or any CNC game instructable on here so here it is. I will start with skirmish playing.
I may put more on later like red alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.
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Step 1: Starting With the Command Center

Select Solo Play then Sirmish which will take you to the settings.

Step 2: Your General

This is the game setting menu. Here you can chose you rival or rivals:

U.S.A. uses high tech weapons to defeat people
Super weapon General Alexander uses super weapons to win
Laser General Townes uses lasers as weapons
Air Force General Grainger uses aircraft to attack
China uses fire power and overwhelming numbers
Tank General Kwai uses tanks to attack
Soldier Fai Uses high trained soldiers to build an army
Nuke General Tao uses radiation as a weapon
GLA is sneaky and uses underhanded tactics to win
Dr. Thrax combines cemicals and toxics to wip out his rival
General Juhziz has explosives to blowup his enemys
Prince Kassad uses cloaked weapons to win

but in this instructable I will focas on U.S.A.

Step 3: War Units (U.S.A)

Besides the command center, all Genrals have barracks, war factory, and supply center.

The Command Center has Radar and more dozers. Click on it to see options.
from the command center issues the dozer. this is the best vehicle you have. It builds all you building and defences such as the missle/laser launcher  and base canon (see second picture).

The power plant make most of you defences work. the bar below the money count tells you how much power there is. Make sure it stays green. If it goes yellow the build more plants. Red means your out of power.

The Barracks hold all you infantry, such as: Ranger, Missle launcher, Sniper, and your hero Col. Burton.

The supply center build a chinook to transport supplys from the supply drop to you supply center.

The war factory build all you tanks, humvees, and their upgrades

The airfield builds up to four planes, commanches, and thier upgrades.

The Strategy center allows you to build a supply drop zone for money drops and a partical beam as you superweapon

Step 4: Tanks

I will also addhicle is your two different tanks: the Crusader and the Paladin

The Crusader is your every day tank you can command
cost to build is $900. It is strong against other tanks and buildings but weak against aircraft and missle infantry.

The Paladin is part of the laser weapons. Instead of a bullet it fires a strong pulse laser. Its dome on its back fires little lasers at missle from missle infantry. It is strong against other tanks, buildings, and rockets but weak against aircraft. cost to build $1100

I will also add the missle crusader. This mobile missle is launched from its carrier from great distances

Step 5: Humvees

Humvees are the cars. With a machine gun it is strong verses infantry but weak verses tanks. Cost $700. It can be upgraded with a TOW missle and hold 5 infantry to fire through its ports.

The Avenger is mostly an anti aircraft vehicle. It is strong verses aircraft but weak verses ground targets. Cost $2000

The war ambulance removes toxins and heals infantry
Cost $600

Step 6: Misc. Vehicles

The microwave tank fires a pulse against building making them shut down through lack of power
Strong against buildings and infantry but weak to everything else. Cost $800

The sentry drone is a remote controlled robot with a cloaking device. It can be upgraded to have a machine gun to use against infantry

Step 7: Infantry

These units are small but can pack a punch. The Ranger has the machine gun to attack other infantry, garrison buildings, and capture enemy buildings. Cost $225

The missile infantry is strong verses vehicles and building but weak verses regular soldiers. Cost $300

Snipers are cloaked and can shoot and kill in one shot. Strong verses infantry but weak against everything else. Cost $600

U.S.A.'s Hero is Col. Burton. Cloaked while running, he can place demo charges on buildings and vehicles and do silent knife attacks on infantry.

Step 8: Aircraft

dmissile. TheThere the fastest form of attacking but are the most easily destroyed.

The rapter is the most used fighter fires 4 missiles. It is uncloaked.

The stealth bomber is cloaked until it fires its single missile.

The stealth fighter is a combo of the first two planes. Four missiles while cloaked but needs a generals promotion.

The commanche is an attack helicopter with machine gun and four missiles. It can be upgraded to have missile pods for a multi-missile attack.

Step 9: Command Center Weapons

The command center calls for upgrades from the generals promotion.

Step 10: Superweapons

This is the partical beam, the most powerful weapon on the U.S.A.'s side but so powerful it take 4 minutes to charge up and needs lots of power.
Click on the partical beam icon on the right side of the screen.
A blue crosshair with be you pointer. click on target. beam will emerge. Click on a second target to move the partical beam.

Step 11: Enjoy

more guides about CNC coming soon

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