Computer Build




Introduction: Computer Build

In this instructable we will be building a new desktop computer.

Step 1: Parts

Gather all of your parts. You will need:
  • processor
  • hard drive
  • graphics card
  • heat sink
  • motherboard
  • power supply
  • tool kit
  • computer case
  • screws
  • standoffs
  • SATA cables

Step 2: Motherboard

First you need to get your motherboard. Establish where the processor goes, and proceed from there.

Step 3: Processor

First you put your processor in. You have to lift the lever first, and then line up the triangle on the motherboard with the one on the processor. There should be zero insertion force, so don't push.

Step 4: Heat Sink

Next you take your heat sink and put it on top of your processor. Apply a little thermal paste if needed, but most heat sinks already have some. Stick it on top and latch it in place with the latches on the side. Plug in the fan power cable into the pins labeled CPU fan

Step 5: RAM

Next place in your RAM, or Random Access Memory, into the DIM slot. It should click in, and will take a little force.

Step 6: Graphics Card

Next insert your graphics card. It should be in one of the slots next to the heat sink. It will also click in, and also require a little force.

Step 7: Power Supply

Next take out your power supply. Hook in the 24 pin into the motherboard. Then hook your power cord into the power supply.

Step 8: Test

There are two pins labeled power next to the usb. If you connect these using a screw driver or some other conductor you will start the motherboard. Your heat fan and graphics card fan will begin to spin, and if you have a VGA cord plugged in, it will show you a visual on your monitor. It should say that you do not have a bootable device.

Step 9: Case

Next you will put your motherboard and everything connected in your case. First place down your standoffs so your motherboard doesn't contact the case, and then screw your motherboard into the standoff.

Step 10: Hard Drive

insert your hard drive into the hard drive bay. Make sure it is secure and that your cables are plugged into your motherboard, giving the hard drive power and making your motherboard want to store data on it.

Step 11: LEDS

Now it is time to plug in your LEDS and computer case power. You need to take the white cables in your case and plug them into your motherboard. They are all labeled, so just make sure you put them into the right pins. The green cord is the positive, so it goes on the last pin. Also plug in your HD video cable as well.

Step 12: Final Steps

Put your case back on. You should have a new working computer! Plug in your power supply and monitor. You can now download windows and enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    Maybe you want to pair the hard drive with the new generation of Solid State Drive to have a faster machine?


    3 years ago

    nice helps me right now with my week


    4 years ago

    My processor is compatible with motherboard.But the insertion time one of the pin in the bottom of processor is bent.So i buy a new one.So please take care about the pin also.

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