Concrete Lamp (4)

Introduction: Concrete Lamp (4)

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Hi there! Another Cube concrete lamp detailed instructable.

Step 1:

Hi there! Another instructable, a more detailed one. To make the mold for this one, you'll need five 3mm acrylic plates. 1 plate 90x90mm with a 30mm hole in the center, 2 plates 90x90mm with no holes and 2 plates 96x90mm. One of them must have a 14mm hole for the cord.

Step 2:

You need an E27 socket. Drill a 7mm hole with a reamer. Insert the cord (I used a comlete cord with plug and switch pre-installed) from the hole, add a chair rubber foot/pad to protect the cord from bending, pass it through the socket's hole and connect it.

Step 3:

Apply super glue or rubber adhesive and assemble socket. Insulate the hole with rubber adhesive and secure it on the acrylic plate with the bulb. (I used an electrical tape as a spacer). Also in my case a super-glued 2 cents coin is perfect to insulate the socket's hole.

Step 4:

Lego bricks are perfect to align socket on the plate.

Step 5:

Assemble the mold. Super glue, hot glue, electrical tape, rubber glue, whatever you like is fine.

Step 6:

That is what I use...

Step 7:

Fill the mold and shake it a bit. That removes air bubbles.

Step 8:

Gently remove mold after a day, There may be some imperfections. You will have to fill them by applying concrete with a fine brush.

Step 9:

Wet-sand it. I use 100 or 150 grit waterproof sandpaper for the bottom and 600 grit for the rest of it.

Step 10:

Let it dry a couple of days, trim the edges and add some protective selt adhesive pads.

Step 11:

Your new lamp is now finished...

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