Cone Friendly Pet Eating Dish Stand




Introduction: Cone Friendly Pet Eating Dish Stand

After my cat had surgery she had to wear an e-collar or "cone of shame" for ten days to prevent her from irritating her stitches.  But the collar made it difficult to eat from her usual dish.  She simply could not get her mouth to the food before the e-collar pushed the dish away.

So I made this simple stand from scrap wood, rubber mesh, and hot glue.  It holds a small saucer at a 15 degree angle a few inches above the floor so the e-collar can pass under it and allow my cat to eat.  Adjust the size to fit your pet.



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Well done. I'm not so handy with wood so I designed this with PVC and a custard dish. Hoping it works for my kitty, he is just home from having his ear canal removed (ouch!) and will be in the cone for a week or two. Wanted him to be able to free feed on his kibble. This was super easy, quick, and cheap - only cost me $6 for everything. Will do another one for water with the dish at a less prominent angle if he doesn't drink from the fountain we have already.


Very nice..... Thanks for the idea :)

Nice! My dog had this problem all the time, and I'm excited to try it out the next time he needs the "cone of shame."