Connect PS/2 Keyboard to Arduino

Introduction: Connect PS/2 Keyboard to Arduino

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Hi everyone, this is also an Interesting project that brings 106 Inputs to your Arduino. Can't believe? Follow the project and see how this happens with a PS/2 Keyboard.

OK First of all you need

  • Arduino (UNO)
  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • PS/2 Keyboard connector

Step 1: Keyboard Conection

Following is the pin-out of the Connector. There are 4 wires coming from the keyboard and their connections to arduino Digital pins are as follows.

  • 5V :- Arduino 5V out
  • Ground :- Arduino GND
  • Clock :- Arduino Pin 3
  • Data :- Arduino Pin 8

Step 2: Code

First include this library to Arduino Software.

#include < PS2Keyboard.h>

const int DataPin = 8; const int IRQpin = 3;

PS2Keyboard keyboard;

void setup() { delay(1000); keyboard.begin(DataPin, IRQpin); Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("Keyboard Test:"); }

void loop() { if (keyboard.available()) { // read the next key char c =; // check for some of the special keys if (c == PS2_ENTER) { Serial.println(); } else if (c == PS2_TAB) { Serial.print("[Tab]"); } else if (c == PS2_ESC) { Serial.print("[ESC]"); } else if (c == PS2_PAGEDOWN) { Serial.print("[PgDn]"); } else if (c == PS2_PAGEUP) { Serial.print("[PgUp]"); } else if (c == PS2_LEFTARROW) { Serial.print("[Left]"); } else if (c == PS2_RIGHTARROW) { Serial.print("[Right]"); } else if (c == PS2_UPARROW) { Serial.print("[Up]"); } else if (c == PS2_DOWNARROW) { Serial.print("[Down]"); } else if (c == PS2_DELETE) { Serial.print("[Del]"); } else { // otherwise, just print all normal characters Serial.print(c); } } }

Step 3: Testing

So we have finished our coding, Upload it to arduino and keep the Arduino connected to PC.Then open the Serial Monitor on Arduino Software and Press some keys on the Keyboard connected to Arduino and you will see It prints what you type on that keyboard.Comment your ideas.

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9 Discussions

Hi sir,

I have pannel look like keyboard ..can you help to interface with it..Thank you

excelente!, muchas gracias, funciona perfecto!, pero no con adaptador USB a PS/2.

It works nicely, thanks

My Keyboard doesn't seem to turn on when connecting the 5V and GND, but it's an RJ12 keyboard, so I'm not really sure if it's the same pinout (I looked up the pinout of a PS/2 to RJ12 adaptor and it seemed pretty straightforward)

hi, I have done this proyect and it doesn´t work :c