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Introduction: Connect Zoom H1 to Android

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In this tutorial I show you how to connect Zoom H1 Handy audio recorder to Android smartphone through USB OTG interface.

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Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Ensure That Your Zoom H1 Is Turned Off

Step 3: Connect Phone to Recorder

For this You'll need:

- Mini USB Cable

- OTG USB Adapter

Step 4: Select "Audio" Mode

After connection Zoom H1 screen will show two options: CARD and AUDIO, you have few seconds to choose AUDIO by pressing RECORD BUTTON.

Step 5: Press Record Button Again

Here you have some option, don't change this settings, simply press RECORD BUTTON.

Step 6: Now You Can Play Music

Simply open any song and sound should come from Zoom H1 speaker.

Step 7: Connect Headphones

You can connect headphones to Zoom H1 line-out.

Step 8: Use Settings

You can listen to music and monitor audio at the same time, you can change record level to "1" and change output volume level.

Step 9: Install and Use USB Recording APP

You can directly record to the phone using USB recording app such as AudioFi

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    2 years ago

    Can you use this to record to arbitrary P
    apps or nah?