Control Evive Using Android Application Over WiFi




We built an android application that can communicate with ESP-12e module.

Using this we are controlling the LED on evive board.

You can also edit the code for app and the arduino to add your own functionalities.

Components required:

Hardware tools

1)evive board


Software Required:

1)Arduino IDE

2)Android Studio

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Step 1: Connecting ESP-12e Module to Plug and Play Interface of Evive Board.

Plugin the esp module in the plug and play interface of evive (as shown in the picture).

The connections of the module to the arduino mega board are ass follows.

ESP--------------------Arduino Mega





Refer to the pinout diagram of Evive:evive pinout

Step 2: Uploading Code to Evive Board.

Upload the following code to the evive board.:

Step 3: Setting Up the Android App

1. Install Android Studio and set up the Android SDK. Use a real Android device for installing the app.

2. Download and extract from the project the given link ( Open Android Studio and import the project. Then run the app on your android device.

3. Run the application and install it on your phone and open it.

Step 4: Connecting the App to ESP and Sending Command.

1. Connect the phone to Wi-Fi of of the ESP module (in general it comes with the name AI-THINKER).

2. Open the app and enter the IP address(It should be displayed on the serial monitor of arduino IDE)

3. If the above steps are successfully completed then app should be connected to the esp module. Give either of the command on turn LED on or off the PIN 13 LED should respond accordingly.

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    Cool idea. You should seriously enter this into the Microcontroller contest that is currently running.