Cookie Cutter Valentines

Introduction: Cookie Cutter Valentines

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Get the super cool original tutorial at Whimsical Whimsies!

Ready for the easiest Valentine gift ever?  This is a great one that takes only a few minutes to assemble and is inexpensive to make.  You could even get the kids involved in this one.  Oh, and it's so cute!  

I've seen this idea in a couple places including the Martha Stewart Living magazine.

What you need is:
heart cookie cutters
pan or something flat with sides to place them in
small colorful candies
red jello
white sugar

Step 1: Arrange Cookie Cutters

Step 2: Add the Candy

Place the candy inside each of the cookie cutters.  The more colorful the candy, the more fun you will add to your Valentine.  

Step 3: Jello+Sugar=YUM!

I only used what I had in my pantry for this project.  One thing I had was a box of strawberry Jello, which wasn't enough by itself.  So, I mixed in one cup of sugar.  Then, I spooned the mixture around the cookie cutters.  This smells so good and looks just fabulous!  

And your Valentine is complete.  Remember moisture is Jello's enemy, so keep it covered until you give it to your Valentine.  : )

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