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Introduction: Cool IPod Touch Tricks

Hey guys! Here's some cool and useful tricks to do on your iPod touch.
Note: some of these tricks only work on software 3.1

Step 1: Quick Full Stop

To do a quick full stop while typing, simply press the space button twice, then a full stop will appear!

Step 2: Internet

If you want to end a URL in something other than .com, simply hold down the .com button, and pick a URL end thing.

Step 3: Quick Menu

If you have a lot of apps, and you want to go to the menu with the app store and safari and stuff, simply press the menu button again.

Step 4: Take a Screenshot

To take a screenshot, simply hold down the menu button, and then press the sleep button. After you have done this, go to photos, then go to saved photos, a picture of whatever was on your screen when you took the screenshot will be there! A lot of people don't know that you can do this, I only discovered it by accident.

Step 5: Search Your IPod

To search your iPod, go to the menu, then simply swipe to the left, a search bar will come up, type in what you want to find, tap search and get your results! This is very handy for when you want to find something on your iPod in a hurry.

Step 6: Quick Delete

To quickly delete your email, just swipe right along the email you want to delete, this should bring up a red button that says delete, click it and it has been deleted!

Step 7: Skip Song While in Sleep Mode

To skip a song while in sleep mode, put it in to sleep mode, then double tap the menu button. Simple!

Step 8: Thanks

Thanks for reading!!



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    27 Discussions

    I Knew all of these! Come up with new one's Please!

    i knew about every one exept 7 but it is still god!


    4 years ago

    That's cool! :)

    With the OS 4.0 software you can create folders. Just drag one app ontop of the other and it will create a folder and automatically categorize the apps inside the folder by type.

    You had great instructions. I already knew this though. Nice Job

     Thanks! I just got mine yesterday and I now I know how 2 use it!

    Finally! A way to skip tracks while in sleep mode. This was actually informative, considering I thought I knew all the iTouch tricks. Thanks!

    you should definitely get it, and you'll never get bored with an ipod touch, watch the review on