Copper Pipe Box

Introduction: Copper Pipe Box

About: Come spend some time in the shop. I'm a hobbyist woodworker and professional computer geek in Northern California. I guess my projects will vary widely, and I have no clue what I plan to make next...

A piece of redwood wine barrel and 1" copper pipe are combined into a lift lid style box. Finished with epoxy and spray lacquer.

I had a blast pounding copper and playing with my propane torch! (Also the shop still reeks of wine from the redwood...)

I hope you enjoy watching the process. Please comment below with any questions.

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    4 Discussions

    The copper has a really interesting surface that meshes amazingly well with the colours of the redwood. Much more interesting than cutting from a sheet of copper. It's like you've given it a past, a history of violence. Of course anyone can read what they want in the patina, that's the beauty of it.

    Very nice work Kludge77.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    It'd be nice to see a few more images....I couldn't tell where the copper pipe was until I saw the video. This looks cool! It'd be nice to see a little more though.