Crayon Colored Shirt





Introduction: Crayon Colored Shirt

I've been wanting to make a colorful shirt like this for some time. But, I didn't want to buy any special materials. So, I looked around the house and found a few simple things that I could use to make this colorful t-shirt and came across freezer paper and some crayons.

Step 1: Materials

  • You will need:
  • Crayons
  • White Cotton Shirt
  • Iron
  • Freezer Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Craft knife

If you want to use a printer:

  • Tape
  • Printer Paper
  • If you want to make this bear shirt, I have included the PDF

Step 2: Print or Draw Design

For this shirt, I printed my design onto the freezer paper. You don't have to print your design. You can draw something using a black marker and cut it out instead; it can something as simple as a heart.

For Printing: Since the freezer paper is thin, it probably won't go through the printer as it is. It will need to be taped to a piece of printer paper to give it more stability. Get a piece of freezer paper and cut it to be the size of your printer paper. Lay the freezer paper on top of the printer paper, plastic side down. Use long pieces of tape to tape the freezer paper and printer paper together at the edges. Print the outline of whatever design you will be coloring onto the paper.

Step 3: Cut and Iron

With a craft knife, cut the white spaces out, leaving the black lines being careful not to cut them.

When you're done cutting, get your shirt and place the freezer paper onto it, plastic side down. With your iron on the cotton setting (no steam), run it over the freezer paper for a few seconds until the freezer paper has adhered to the shirt.

Step 4: Color

Start coloring in each section with crayon. It is easier to color when the shirt is warm. If you're having trouble, warm the shirt with the iron but make sure to put something in between the shirt and iron, like a paper towel, so that the iron doesn't get dirty.

After you color, to remove excess crayon, take a paper towel and place it in top of the shirt. Iron it, then peel it away. Do this once or twice or until the paper towel comes back clean.

You will have to color each section at least twice in order to get full coverage.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

When you're finished coloring, peel the freezer paper off. Take a clean paper towel, place it over the entire image and iron one more time. To launder, use cold water and hang dry. If the color fades, just color it in again.

The method I used creates a design without lines. But, if you want lines, you can create a transfer instead. To do this, draw or print you design on the paper side of the freezer paper. Then, flip the freezer paper over so that the plastic side is facing you. You should be able to see your design through the paper. Take a black crayon and trace the design onto the plastic side of the freezer paper. Then, iron the freezer paper, plastic/crayon side down onto your shirt. Peel the paper off and the outline should have transferred. If it doesn't transfer well, try running the iron over the paper a second time. Have fun coloring in your design!



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    23 Discussions

    i did it btw thank you very much

    I did this today, but I was wondering; how do I wash it?

    2 replies

    Awesome! Wash it in the washing machine with cold water. Turn it inside out to help prevent fading.

    What about putting it in the dryer? The heat wouldn't cause a problem with the crayon wax?

    Crayola colored pencils

    Last question would colored pencils work on this?

    Ok thanks

    What if I put another cloth (old and useless cloth I don't need) between the iron and the wax paper and then iron the stuff on?

    1 reply

    Also for the cutting out of squares and stuff is it just necessary for this bear design

    1 reply

    The cutting will depend on the lines in your design. You can also choose to do a silhouette of an object instead and color that in.

    I don't know if it would work with wax paper. I would think that the wax paper would melt onto the iron and ruin everything. But, I'm not sure because I haven't tried.

    Looks very cool! Is it advisable to put a scrap towel or some newspaper inside the shirt before ironing to seal the crayon in? This reminds me of a short hand wax batik process I did back in school and if you didn't put a hunk of newspaper inside the shirt you'd get colored waxy transfer to the back. Also, can you still run the shirt through the washer as normal?

    1 reply

    Fortunately, I didn't have any problems because the amount of wax colored onto the shirt wasn't enough to melt through to the other side. But putting something inside the shirt before ironing would be wise. As for washing, I wash it how I do the rest of my clothes, with cold water on a normal setting, nothing special. And the colors did fade a bit. Some colors faded more than others, particularly the pink and blue. That's because I used a generic/unknown brand pink and light blue crayons to color in a few of the sections and those areas ended up fading the most. The rest of the crayons I used were Crayola brand which worked much better.