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This sexy satin nightgown with spaghetti shoulder straps, lined with soft black lace is the perfect combination of luxury & comfort in sleepwear.

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    15 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Gonna be a perfect valentines day gift for my girlfriend :)


    (Yep i am gonna make it myself that is the gift LOL )


    8 years ago on Introduction


    Could you post another, but drop it on the ground in the new one?

    I love the sound of those things hitting the floor... Maybe I'm just wierd?

    And some people think humans can't hear a dog whistle either... They really do make a sound!!! LOL!

    I love your video!

    Do you ever make them on the bias?
    I'm baffled by bias & the silky fabric! iI have a huge stash of silkie fabrics that are intended to be made into slip-like nightgowns like this, but again-silky & bias are not yet my friends :(

    pointers would be AWSOME!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. I'm wondering how she finished the side seams, since that isn't shown in the video. I'm guessing something like a mock-French seam, but I can't be sure. With a light material like this, seam finishes can be important, because it's easy for seams to become too bulky.

    I also wonder if she could have done the neckline seam such that it caught the lace on the first pass. Not that this is super critical, since the lower edge of the lace is finished, anyway. But it would have been nifty to see the lace get caught inside the seam finish -- perhaps along with the spaghetti straps. Either way, though, to keep the neckline crisp, she'd have had to topstich whatever she did, and the sewing on of the lace was also effectively the topstitch for the fabric.

    Cool idea, though, and very nicely done. Clearly she's got some talent, and she's got me thinking of cheap ways to get the girlfriend something nice for Christmas and leave myself with a little extra money for my "man cave" renovation... ;-)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    GiannyL is so beautiful, but she never speaks in any of her videos :( It would help a bit. And I'm sure she also has a beautiful voice.
    And my only suggestion for this is to cut the bottom hem into a curve, so that it doesn't get those corners at the seam.

    1 reply

     The gift is for us, what a beatiful girl. if has to be latin!!!! ;) I am from Venezuela and the girls here are.... damn