Create Your Youtube Channel Name to One Word [2016]


Introduction: Create Your Youtube Channel Name to One Word [2016]

This tutorial show you how to create your Youtube channel name with one word.

Step 1: Step 1: First Time Sign in Youtube Account

After you create your Gmail account, login

Click on your channel icon and select Youtube settings

Step 2: Step 2: Change Your Channel Name to One Word

In Overview, click on link Create a channel next to your Gmail address

You will be prompt to enter Youtube channel name

Top field = Enter one word for your Youtube channel name

Bottom field = Enter a . (dot)

Click Create Channel

Step 3: Step 3: Verify Your Channel Name

Your channel name should be one word

The URL link is your channel ID



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    2 Discussions

    i just added . when it said create your channel name and it i have only one name :D

    thanks so much i thought it was impossible!