Create a Printable 3d Mockingjay Pendant in 5 Minutes

This tutorial shows how to create your own mockingjay pendant. You just need one image (e.g. from google image search) and the free software "eXtrudy". The pendant took less than 5 minutes and is ready for 3d printing.

1. Get eXtrudy from thingiverse or - it's really free - no demo, no registration, no spyware
2. Run the application and follow the 2d to 3d workflow
4. Save the final 3d object to your computer
5. Print the object with your 3d printer or send it to an online 3d printing service
6. Enjoy



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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks - I'm glad you like it. The stl is not available online since I don't want any trouble due to copyright problems. The tutorial is not actually about the mockingjay pendant - it's just an example for the 2d to 3d conversion features of the application. but you could create your own pendant in a few minutes after watching the video :-)