Creating Pull-String Art




This is a fun, unique, and easy way to make art that looks professional. These are great for gifts, decoration, or just to satisfy your creativity.

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Step 1: Choose the Size of Your Canvas.

*Make sure to use wood-framed canvas. Canvas without the wood frame will curve when it dries and it will not lay flat.

*Look for "gessoed" canvas; it is already primered so it is ready to paint.

Step 2: Choose Your Paints.

*You will need a large bottle for your base color. Smaller bottles can be used for the design.

*Acrylic paints tend to work better than oil.

Step 3: Gather Your Other Supplies.

You will need:

  • string
  • parchment paper
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • elevated rack (with holes for the paint to drip through)
  • something to spread paint with (putty knife, paint stirring stick, old pie server, etc.)

Step 4: Prepare Your Work Space.

  • Use the parchment paper to cover the surface you will be using to catch dripping paint
  • Place the rack on top of the paper, and the canvas on the rack

Step 5: Plan Your Design to Measure Your String.

*Place the string on the canvas in your desired design in order to know how much string is needed.

Step 6: Cut Your String and Place It on a Separate Sheet of Parchment Paper.

Step 7: Generously Coat Your Canvas With Your Chosen Base Paint.

*Here I chose white.

Step 8: Spread the Paint With the Spreader.

*Be sure to spread it evenly, coating the entire surface of the canvas.

Step 9: Coat the String With Your Chosen Design Colors, Using the Brush to Cover It Completely.

*You can alternate two colors or create your own pattern with multiple colors.

*Leave a clean space at the end of the string so you have somewhere to hold it.

Step 10: Gently Remove String From Paper, Holding It at Both Ends.

Step 11: Carefully Place String on Canvas in Previously Chosen Design Pattern.

Step 12: Grab String From Unpainted Bottom and Slowly Pull Downward Off the Canvas.

*Be sure to keep the string in the same spot when pulling.

Step 13: Set in a Safe Place to Dry.

*Since the paint is thick, it can take up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Step 14: All Done!

*If you did the same pattern pictured, it should have a floral shape.

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    4 weeks ago on Step 14

    How do you mix your paints before doing the painting?