Creating a Plastic Lure or Jerkbait



Introduction: Creating a Plastic Lure or Jerkbait

Making a silicon mold for pouring your own jerkbaits or fishinglures.
I came up with the idea because some good American fishinglures are to big or to heavy to fish with in the Netherlands When fishing on Dutch Pike.
The water is often very small and shallow.

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Step 1:

Take the lure you want to duplicate. This can be a own made wooden lure/jerkbait or whatever.
Press the lure half in the clay and make the clay as smooth as possible.
It's important that the clay is pressed around the lure and leave no spaces.

Make a couple of holes of 1/4 inch. This make it easier to match the two parts of the mold later on.
ForĀ  example, you can do this with the back of a pencil.

Step 2:

Put the wooden planks around the clay and make sure that it close thight.
Hold the planks together with some elastic bands.

Step 3:

Mix the silicon very wel and pour the silicom gently in the corner of the wooden box.
Make sure that you pour it gently because you don't want to much airbubbles.

It's best that you pour about a 1/2 inch above the lure so the mold is firmly.

Step 4:

Once the silicon is harded, you can remove the wooden planks.
Remove al the clay from the lure and silicon, but leave the lure in the silicon, this very important.

Turn around the silicon mold with the lure in it and put back the wooden planks.
Spray with some special silicon releaser and pour the second half of the mold.

Step 5:

Once the silicon is cured, you can remove the planks and seperate the two parts of silicon.

Now you can remove the lure and make with a sharp knive a pouring hole.

Step 6:

Once you have poured your jerkbait or lure you can sand them and paint them in what you like.

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