Crochet Shamrocks

Introduction: Crochet Shamrocks

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Make some of these to brighten up your St. Patrick's Day! They only require scrap yarn, a crochet hook, and about a minute each. I've listed some ideas for their use at the bottom, but feel free to make up your own! They're infinitely versatile.

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Step 1: Supplies

-spare yarn (I used acrylic worsted weight green yarn I had laying around)

-crochet hook (I used a size F)

That's it!

Step 2: Pattern

1. Ch 9, sl st into 4th ch from hook (Picture 1).

2. Ch 3, sl st into the same st you st st-ed into in Step 1. Repeat.

3. Now you should have a sort of mini shamrock with a long stem (Picture 2). There are 'leaf holes' and a middle hole.

4. 3dc into first 'leaf hole', sl st into middle hole (Pictures 3 and 4).

5. 3 dc into next 'leaf hole', sl st into middle hole.

6. 3 dc into next 'leaf hole', 2 sl st into middle hole (Picture 5 was taken right before the last 2 sl sts). Fasten off and weave in ends.

Step 3: You're Done! Now Here Are Some Ideas...

I crocheted 20 shamrocks, then made an sc chain about 3 ft long. I tied it around the top of my bagpipes for my various gigs this St. Patty's Day (though it got pretty twisted). You could also make shirt pins, keychains, garlands for flower pots, trees, headbands... And the list goes on. Maybe you can be more original.

Cheers! (Or, should I say, for the wearing o' the green!)

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    3 years ago

    I haven't made it but i thought it was a good idea I am following you and can't wait to see the next thing u make!

     The Phantom Chemist
    The Phantom Chemist

    Reply 3 years ago

    I'm so glad you liked it, and thanks for subscribing! If you made anything with this project, I'd love to see it, but no pressure. :)