Crochet Your Favorite Characters


Introduction: Crochet Your Favorite Characters

A while ago I looked at my yarn collection and thought, Hey, wouldn't it be cool to crochet all my favorite characters? After searching for a pattern that could adapted to fit all of them, and finding nothing, I made one. Here it is! An easy-to-make easily changed to fit all your doll/human/alien/bipedal species characters! I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of supplies you will need to make your character:

  • Crochet hook - I used size H8/5mm
  • Stitch marker- I used a safety pin
  • Skin-colored yarn
  • Yarn for the pants - blue works well for jeans
  • Yarn for the shirt - a different color from the pants works best
  • Yarn for shoes
  • Stuffing
  • Yarn for hair (or embroidery thread)
  • Scissors
  • Craft/sewing needle


• Yarn for a jacket
• Felting Needle
• Other yarn and accessories for, well, acessories

Note: This project uses the magic circle technique, slip stitches, and double crochet stitches. If you do not know how to do those, or need a refresher, here are some extremely helpful tutorials:

Magic Circle

Slip Stitch

Double Crochet

Step 2: Legs and Pants

We will start by creating two separate legs and attaching them together to make the pants. Here is the nomenclature that I used (these are US stitches):

Ch chain one stitch

Rnd round

Sc single crochet

Dc double crochet

Inc increase stitch

sl st slip stitch

sc2tog decrease by crocheting 2 stitches together


Start with the shoe color

Rnd 1: Magic circle 10 (shoe color)

Rnd 2-4: Sc all (10)

Switch to pants color

Rnd 5-12: Sc all (pants color)

Tie off

Joining legs
This step is a bit tricky, so be sure to look at the images if you get confused!
Starting where you left off from the second leg:

Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc 8 into the other leg, ch 1, sc 8 into the first leg, (you will skip one stitch on each leg when you join them)

Rnd 2: Sc all

Rnd 3: At that first chained stitch we made in Rnd 1, go into the bottom of it and the other chained stitch, and sc them. This will close the gap in between the legs. Then sc all

Rnd 4: Inc the first stitch(it should be the chained stitch), then sc around until you get to the other chained stitch we made in Rnd 1, then inc again, sc all

Rnd 5-6: Sc all

Don't tie off yet!

Step 3: Chest/Shirt

From where the pants are:

Rnd 1-10: Sc all

Rnd 11: st2tog every other stitch

Rnd 12: st2tog every stitch

Tie off

Step 4: Head and Arms

Arms (shirt)

Start with the skin color

Rnd 1: Magic circle 4

Rnd 2: Inc every stitch

Rnd 3-4: Sc all

Switch to shirt color

Rnd 5-11: Sc all

Tie off

Arms (T-shirt)

Start with skin color

Rnd 1: Magic circle 4

Rnd 2: Inc every stitch

Rnd 3-8: Sc all

Switch to shirt color

Rnd 9-11: Sc all

Tie off


Rnd 1: Magic circle 5

Rnd 2: Inc every stitch

Rnd 3: Inc every other

Rnd 4: Inc every 3 stitches

Rnd 5: Inc every 4 stitches

Rnd 6-12: Sc all

Rnd 13: st2tog every 4 stitches

Rnd 14: st2tog every 3 stitches

Rnd 15: st2tog every other

Rnd 16: st2tog every stitch

Tie off

Step 5: Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose

Before we stuff and sew everything together, it's best to add eyes and hair to the head, as well as anything else you might want to add. For the hair I usually wrap a whole bunch of yarn around my hand, tie it together, the sew it onto the head. After that you cut the loops, and I like to give it a few pokes with a felting needle to secure everything down. Then you can give your little guy a haircut!

Step 6: Sewing and Stuffing

Now its time to assemble all our hard work! Stuff all the pieces, and assemble them as shown by sewing. Then add anything that defines your character, and voila!

Step 7: Jackets

Before you assemble the jacket, make sure the arm holes line up with the arms on your character.

Main Piece (Regular jacket)

Row 1: Ch 29

Row 2-5: Dc all

Row 6: Dc 4, sl st 4, dc 10, sl st 4, dc 4

Row 7: Dc 4, ch 4(skipping the sl sts), dc 10, ch 4(skipping the sl sts), dc 4

Row 8: Dc all

Row 9: st2tog every 3 stitchs

Main Piece(Long jacket)

Row 1: Ch 29

Row 2-?: Dc all, keep dc-ing until you reach the desired length and are ready for arm holes)

Row 6?: Dc 4, sl st 4, dc 10, sl st 4, dc 4

Row 7?: Dc 4, ch 4(skipping the sl sts), dc 10, ch 4(skipping the sl sts), dc 4

Row 8?: Dc all

Row 9?: st2tog every 3 stitchs


Row 1: Ch 15

Row 2: Dc all

Rnd 3-?: Now dc in a round, linking up with the other end of the sleeve until you reach the desired arm length

Then sew the arms into the armholes on the jacket, and have your character try it on!



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    I see some crocheted ninja turtles in my future... :)

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