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Introduction: Crocheted Bag

Hi all ,

I'm NISHA . This is my first project in INSTRUCTABLES. I love making new & creative things . In this project i would like to show you an easy crochered bag . My daughter loved it . I'm a budding crocheter and I hope friends here in INSTRUCTABLES will encourage me to do more creative stuffs and post it . The following are the steps for crocheting .

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Step 1: Materials Used:

saten yarn - 1 roll

Nylon yarn - 1 roll

Crochet neddel - 5.0mm


Crochet maker - 4

Magnetic lock set - 1

Pearl beads few

White glue or hot glue


First 3 inch = 1 DC

Slip strich - SS

Single crochet - SC

Double crochet - DC

Half double crochet - HDC

2 Double crocheton the same spot - increase

Chain - Ch

Step 2: The Base

The base needs to be firm and also handy to place and prek . So saten yarn is used

Start with a slip knot and chain 4

Do 11 DC on the 4th chain from the hook and SS on the top of Ch3.(12DC).

Ch 3 and do 1DC in same spot and do 2DC in each DC around and SS on top of CH3 (24DC)

Ch 3 and do (2 DC in the next Dc) increases .

Do 1 Dc in the next Dc and (2 Dc in the following Dc)

and repeat this till the end and SS on the top of chain3 (36DC)

CH3 and do 1 Dc in the next Dc and (2 Dc in the following Dc ) increases

Do 1DC each in the next 2 DC and (@Dc in the following ) 1DC. Repeat till end and SS top of chain 3 (48 DC)

Ch3 , do 1 DC in next 2 DC and 2 DC in the following 1DC.

Do 1 DC in the next 3 DC and 2 DC in the following 1DC repeat till end and SS on top (60DC).

The base is ready . To increase or decrease the base size depends on the size , length and purpose of the bag .

The base starts with Ch3 and ends to an increase always .

Step 3: The Body

It is the ornate part of the bag.

We are basically doing - cluster stitch - with 3 DC skipping one DC in between \.

so it goes like this.

Ch3, yarn over ,in the same spot go and bring 3 loops to make it 2 yarn over in the same spot bring 3 yarn over fully and secure with a 1 chain.

Skip 1DC and repeat the same , except this time yarn will get 4 loops in the end and secure it with chain stitch and repeat.

Change colors if you prefer.

Step 4: The Top

On the top of each cluster is secured with chain.

Starting with that point make 1 line of single crochet.

this is do define the shape of the bag.

else it would look like a cap.

Now add 2 or 3 lines of HDC.

Use markers to point the mid way between the center and lsft and center and right and mark on both sides seperatly.

Now start the next line with SC and at the marked point chain 12 or more count.

this serves a a handle and now repeat it with a SC at the second marker point.

The chain length determines the length of handle.

Repeat the same on the otherside.

You can leave at that or the handle with a layer inside the semicircle.

Step 5: Buttoning Up

At the center point insert the magnetic lock and secure in place.

Outside of the lock can be decorated with bead or Crocheted patterns of your choice.

Here the outside of the lock is coated with glue and pearl beeds are placed and completly dried and it looks in the above picture.

I hope you will like making this bag .


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