Crocheted Ship's Wheel Applique

Introduction: Crocheted Ship's Wheel Applique

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I recently made myself a bath set (shampoo caddies, soap savers, bath puff, and back scrubber) and realized that, thanks to the brown yarn I used, some of my pieces looked like, well.... let's just say they looked like something that is MADE in the bathroom rather than something that people want to use in a bathroom.  lol. So they needed a little embellishing.  In order to keep with my nautical theme, I came up with a simple little ship's wheel applique that I sewed onto one of my shampoo caddies .
{I ask that you not sell this pattern. However, you can sell your finished Ship's Wheels.  If you are asked, please give me credit for the pattern by sharing this link. Thank you!  Happy Hooking!}

You will need:
Worsted weight yarn (small amount)

Size I/9 (5.5 mm) hook

Stitches Used: 
ch- chain
sl st- slip stitch
sc- single crochet
tr- treble crochet  (YO twice, insert hook, YO, pull through {this will give you 4 loops on the hook}, YO, pull through 2 loops, YO, pull through 2 loops, YO, pull through remaining two loops)
3 ch picot-  3 chain picot (chain 3, insert hook into 3rd chain & top loop of st below 3rd chain, yarn over, pull through)

To begin:  Ch 4, sl st togetherto form a ring

First  and second spoke:Ch 3, 3 ch picot,ch 4, tr into ring, 3 ch picot

Spokes 3 – 5:*ch 4, tr into ring, 3ch picot*repeat from* to * 4 times

Ch 3, sl st into 3rd ch on first spoke

Fasten off. Weave in ends or leave a long tail to sew applique onto something

I welcome any comments about this piece. And please be sure to visit my website:

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    Just made it, Fab thanks , I am attempting to make a schooner , so made this in grey glitter on size 1.6mm. Thanks for sharing . my phone broken so cant take picture