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Introduction: Custom Floating Corner Shelf

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This shelf can be made to any size corner and with any type of timber. It's all about the space you have to work with and the look you want.

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Step 1: Cut Timber Into a Square

I used an old piece of timber I had left over and first made sure to make it flat.

Next you need to cut a square. To do this I used a speed square to mark 2, 45 degree lines then drew 90 degree lines at their ends. There are many ways to get a perfect square, this is just one of them.

Measure to make sure that the shelf fits inside the corner.

Step 2: Cut Square in Half

You'll need both halves to match so take your time with the cut. I used a piece of timber as a fence to ensure the cut was straight. You could use a circular saw or a hand saw.

Step 3: Use One Triangle As Supports

Now cut a smaller triangle out of one of the halves, and cut those into 3 pieces. You want to end up with one piece that goes the length of the longest edge, and 2 pieces for the short sides.

The front piece is then glued to the under side of the top to make the timber look thicker but to also hide the brackets. Make sure the glued piece is flush with the top of the shelf.

Step 4: Sand All the Parts and Finish

Sand the glue joint thoroughly. The smoother you get the finish the more the join will disappear.

Step 5: Attach the Brackets

Drill pilot holes and screw the brackets into the wall. I went into brick so I used wall plugs. I also painted the brackets the same colour as wall to make them disappear and had to notch out some of the corner trim.

Step 6: Attach the Shelf to the Brackets

Screw the shelf to the brackets with a couple screws. These screws don't take any weight, they're just making sure the shelf doesn't slide off.

Step 7: Decorate!

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