Custom Woodburned Welcome Sign

Introduction: Custom Woodburned Welcome Sign

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Hello! This is my Second instructable! Over the course of the Instructable, I'll show how you make a Custom Wood burned Welcome Sign. If You dont know what Wood burning is I'll tell you the Definition is! The Merriam-Webster States that wood burning is the art or process of burning a design usually on wood or leather especially with an electrically heated tool. So Lets Get Started!!

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Step 1: Materials

You can't do any Project Without Materials! Here's what you need.

1 Wood burning kit

1 blank CLEAN wooden sign

1 bowl (to put your bits in if you change while the tip is hot)

1 pair of Needle nose pliers (to change bits in if you change while the tip is hot)

Stain (to stain the completed project)

1 brush (to apply the stain)


NEVER EVER touch the tip while the Wood burner in in use! IT IS VERY HOT!!! Trust me on this!

Step 3: Lets Choose the Design.

Before we start to burn. We need to choose the Design. Once you choose your design you need to Transfer it onto the blank board. Their are many different ways to do it, but I use a pen and make an imprint of the design onto the board. After you imprinted it on the board, take the paper off and look for the imprint and run over it with the pin so you can see it while your burnning.

Step 4: Lets Start to Burn Some Wood!

Like I said earlier the tip of the tool you'll be using will be VERY HOT so NEVER EVER touch it while it's heating up, during use, and while its cooling down. While your burning the wood it will generate smoke so don't put your face almost on the wood! It will take a while depending on how Complex your design is.

Step 5: Staining

After your done wood burning, You Get to stain the wood! (this part is totally optional, but I recommend it if the sign is going to be outside!) Here is a Web site on how to stain wood!

Step 6: Your Done!

After the stain dries your almost done! If you want to hang it up on a wall you can buy hanging kit at a local hardware store. After you install the kit your clear to go hang it on a wall!

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