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Introduction: Customizable Crossguard Lightsaber, From the Force Awakens

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On Friday, November 20th, we were part of the 30 million people to keep their breath while watching the trailer for the next Star Wars movie.

As designers, we were surprised to discover a new configuration of the lightsaber revealed in the now epic (and polemic) scene showing an unknown Sith Lord walking in a snowy forest.

As Makers, we couldn’t help but try to find out by ourselves if this “crossguard” design was a good configuration or not... So we decided to build one, with our army of 3D printers.

Of course, the "darkness" of the movie sequence and the lack of details on the weapon itself left a lot of place for imagination and interpretation.

A dozen of 3D printable lightsabers being already available for download on internet, we decided to make one that would be completely customizable. The modular system we invented makes hundreds of configurations possible. From Yoda’s lightsaber to Darth Maul’s.

Download all the files on our Thingiverse page or Cults, or Youmagine.

I sincerely hope you'll have as much fun building your own lightsaber than we did.

Step 1: 3D Print the Components

All parts are 3D printed using PLA on adesktop FDM 3D printer with a layer resolution of 0,2mm. (ABS could probably be used, but this would affect the tolerance and the assembly between the parts).

In the STL file package, you will find:

-A long telescopic laser, printed all at once

-A short telescopic laser, exclusively for the crossguard

-6 different sabers tip, including the T shaped crossguard

-A belt clip (very handy if you don't want to hold in in your hands all the time.)


-Lightsaber switches

-A lightsaber’s cap

- A connector to assemble many sabers bodies together

Think about what design you wanna make and print the parts in consequence. You will need a 3D printer that has at least 15cm in z height.

Step 2: Assembly

The thick tube with stribes is the body of your lightsaber. You can combine as many tubes as you want using this part. It is especially handy if you want to make a double laser lightsaber.

The laser is inserted by the bottom of the tube handle. You will notice that one openning is bigger than the other.

Close it using the closing cap or the connector. If you want, you can also add Control buttons, belt clips and grips by sliding the components in the handle's dents.

If you want a normal size lightsaber, use two handles. Only one for Yoda's and three (or even four) for Darth Maul's.

Use your favourite top to finish the design of your lightsaber. The T shaped one is for the new Crossguard lightsaber from The Force Awakens movie trailer.

For this one, you will need more time because you will also need to 3D print two short lasers and small tops to assemble them.

Step 3: Finish

One last step, if you want, is to colour the handle's components with metalic spray paint and sand it down to give it a used effect. It should do the job.



Samuel and le FabShop's team.



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    Hi,first, this kit is awesome, im planning on print it but my hands are a little bit small, could yo tell me which is the hilt diameter? so i can scale it to fit my hand? also which is the total length of the hilt an the blade?

    How close to screen accurate size are these? They look a bit bulky in the pictures. Are they more Hasbro size or more FX size?

    So I'm trying to print this out on a
    Flashforge but I'm having issues with the laser portion. I use
    ReplicatorG for my .stl files but cannot convert them to a .x3g file.
    Does anyone have a working .x3g file or some advise how to make this
    work. Please I really want to make one ( or more ) or these.

    Sweet! I voted for this in the 3D contest Good Luck!

    We tested out the new lightsaber cross-guard to see if it was viable or dangerous!

    I just gots to get me a Makerbot 3D system that makes this stuff, and get MAKIN'!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEHAAAAW!

    Just gonna nit-pick, can we not call them "lasers" and just use "blades" instead...

    Also, what filament did you use to make them shiny and translucent?

    While the instructable is awesome, I think the cross hilt would be extremely dangerous to the wielder... I have fought using such a crossguard and it can be very useful for trapping another blade however, with the nature of the lightsaber, any close combat would likely get you injured by your own cross blades, especially if they are more than a couple inches from the hilt. Cool looking but highly impractical to wield. The 45° angled idea would be only marginally better unless it were made of a lightsaber resistant material.

    Awesome job on the saber guys, even without lights it's cool that you managed to make it even with the not sure what they call those kind of blades, but it gives a fun effect. The ability to change parts and time you must have spent make it even more cool. So Thumbs up to you for your work.

    Really cool lightsaber you made. But there's one thing you need to know. Those things that you think are lasers shooting out the side or not lasers coming out of the lightsaber they're actually air vent. Shooting out the side. Only because this sith got an unstable crystal for his lightsaber that's why the main laser is jagged.. just F.Y.I

    5 replies

    I'm curious, what is your source? Cannon Star Wars lore establish the existence of crossguard lightsabers in multiple sources (WotC Jedi Academy Training Manual, Star Wars: Republic Issue #61: Dead Ends, Star Wars: Purge, and even Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance for the Nintendo DS) but a, admittedly brief, google search turns up no official sources for the vent theory. Yes, the Sith often used unstable crystals which were prone to shorting out and vents could be a possible solution but I can find no cannon or official source supporting this but if one exists I would be very interested in seeing it.

    Gonna have to support Cylvre here. Firstly because Disney threw out everything from books/comics E.U. (so nothing outside the movies lore wise is used here for example chewbacca died in the expanded universe "EU" as it's referred to by the 501st), they did this to give the writers freedom to carry on the story from the perspective of the movie and their own. They (Disney) declared openly that all comics, books, games would be unrelated and uncanon to the movie as all the 501st is aware. If they were pulling from some source, I think we'd know about it. And to add one tinnnnyy little note there are actually metals that a light saber can't cut thru in cannon lore it's said that Mandalorians had swords that could stop a light saber... examples are , Cortosis shorts out lightsabers on contact, Mandalorian iron - cannot be cut by a light saber even some saber hilts were made from this due to this ability, Neuranium able to stop a light saber temporarily, Phrik - very rare lightsaber resistant material, Songsteel - resistant to lightsaber attacks, finally Ultrachrome - highly resistant to blaster fire and lightsabers. Cross guard sabers have appeared in lore before but with very few instances one notable Jedi who was killed in order 66 was Roblio Darté he used a cross guard however it was more practical as described below with angled at 45 degrees but only had one guard not two. So I think personally he should have done it more like a claymore as pictured below.


    Exactly I wasn't able to find any reference to his vent theory either. Where as the cross guard is an established part of the extended universe.

    Great. It finally makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

    no prob... Any other questions about the new starwars let me know

    You could add a powerful LED to lit it up, if you add a small extension there should be enough room to fit a decent sized battery.

    Awesome. This is just so awesome. I love the system here and some of options you guys came up with. That white and purple one in particular.

    I love the fourth picture!!!
    This is really sweet!!