Cutting Glass Bottles




1.      Gather materials

                                            i.      Sturdy/attractive bottle

                                          ii.      Yarn

                                        iii.      Lighter fluid

                                         iv.      Lighter

                                           v.      Medium Grain Sand Paper

                                         vi.      Ice

                                       vii.      Gloves

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Any loose clothing is prohibited or long hair needs to be pulled back and out of reach of flames. Also, this project should be done in an enclosed area or preferably where no wind can cause the flame to travel.

2. Wash bottle with soap and water. Make sure it’s completely dry before continuing the next steps
3.Fill the sink with ice and cold water
 Take the yarn and wrap around the bottle where you want the cut to be. Preferably wrap the yarn 5 or 6 times around to make it thicker

5.Tightly tie the yarn at the place where the cut shall be and roll it off the bottle

6. Put gloves on and dip your yarn into a small cup of lighter fluid

 Take the yarn that is now soaked with lighter fluid and put it back around the bottle
Take gloves off and wipe bottle with paper towel to get excess lighter fluid off (Make sure your hands stay dry)
Hold bottle horizontally over the sink. Light the string and gently rotate your bottle 3 or 4 times 
10. Submerge the bottle into the cold ice water and rotate so that you can hear the glass cracking
Holding each end of the bottle, gently pull apart
 Use sand paper to smooth over the edges



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Isopropyl from the drug store. 151 rum(what a waste, but it's your money)from the liquor store. CAREFULLY, could use diesel fuel. DO NOT use gasoline though.
    Lamp oil would probably work as well.