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Introduction: DIY 3d Camera / Viewer With an IPhone

Make a quality 3d (stereo gram) camera and viewer out of the iPhone, using a great free app that just came out.

You take two pictures of the same subject. For the second picture, you shift the camera a little to the right (2-3 inches, or about the distance between your eyes).

The two images are then mounted side-by-side next to each other. Using a special viewer, or uncrossing your eyes (what's called "free viewing") you can focus one eye on each image and your brain merges them as a 3D image.

This simple instructable is to create a cardboard viewer, to make viewing easier.

If you just want to view stereo pictures created by others (or by yourself using a computer), you can create this type of viewer with any smart phone, iPod touch, or other device which has a large screen. The iPhone is particularly good b/c of the screen size and resolution (also b/c it's a camera).

Here is the home page for the iPhone / iPod app:

And here is direct link to download on iTunes:
Steremaker - iPhone app on App Store

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Step 1: Make the Cardboard Holder

Find a piece of thick corrugated cardboard in good shape.

Cut out the holder roughly as shown using scissors or better yer an x-acto blade.

The slot for the iPhone should be a little longer than the iPhone is wide, and just thick enough to grip the phone when inserted.

I added a strip of ribbed tape used in bookbinding to the "far" end of the slot (the side that touches the back of the phone) to give it a little extra friction.

The important dimension is the distance from the front of the slot to the end of the holder - this sets how far from your eyes the image will be.

Step 2: Stick the Phone in the Holder..

It's that simple.

Slide the holder over the middle of the screen.

Now, when you look at the side-by-side image pairs from the end of the holder, the left image is blocked from the right eye and vice-versa.

Also, the length of the holder helps your eyes "un-cross" so you don't need lenses or other means to focus each eye on the different images.

You can try changing the length of the holder to make it more comfortable for you. Also you could try using better materials, add a handle, etc..

Try using in the dark, which helps un-orient your eyes to your surroundings and also makes the images much more vivid.

For general resources on stereo photography, search online - there are tons.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    iphone 6 has the best camera for photos.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this instructables , but there's no way you could make a tutorial about 3d goggles with this same system , but adding magnifying stuff to make the picture bigger ?


    7 years ago on Introduction

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I have no idea what that model is. But if it has a nice big Screen then you can at least use it as a viewer. I doubt that there's an app for taking stereo pairs though..

    astro boy
    astro boy

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    stereo movie maker

    this is a good program if you tie 2 cameras together and recored at the same time and put both videos through the program

    ps you can also make read and blue movies if you have the glasses