DIY Balance Board




A quick and inexpensive way to make a balance board with an old skateboard deck, a piece of PVC tube and some other things. 

- Skateboard deck
- PVC tube approx. 4.5" diameter and 15" long with at least a 1/4" wall, thickness
- 2 wood blocks about 1" x 1.75" x about 1/2" shorter than the width of your deck
- 4 screws about 1-5/8" long
- optional: adhesive backed foam about 1/4" thick (or alternative*)

Grab the deck and attach the wood blocks through the outer most bolt holes (i.e. towards the tail and nose). I used hardwood blocks and pre-drilled some holes in them to align with the bolt holes and keep it square. Before I attached them I shaped the blocks on the belt sander to try and match the curve of the deck. I also rounded all the corners which would touch the ground. If you have foam you can attach it all over the blocks and to the tip of the tail and nose. [Note: In the video I give incorrect dimensions for the height of the blocks.]

You can use this uncovered I suppose but I read about folks who wrapped homemade rollers in duct or gaff tape for traction. I did this at first but then added the foam all around the roller to make it easier to start using it. [In the video the foam doesn't go to the ends of the tube only because I didn't have wide enough foam.]

Hold on to something the first time you step on because it can move fast if you're not expecting it. With the foam on it you can probably get up without holding on after about 3 attempts.

*The foam is wearing through the blocks after only about 30 minutes of use so if I was going to make this again I might use sheet rubber and just contact adhesive it to the blocks. The foam on the roller and on the tail and nose are getting crushed a bit but not ripped off.

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    3 years ago

    We use balance boards for our surf school and are always looking for good and easy DIY projects to help out our students to work on their skills once they get home! We'll be sure to send this one their way. Thanks for the video and all of the work you put into perfecting your board!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool - my first thought re the padding was " great use for an old yoga mat". Not self stick obviously but certain to hold up


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thats cool but check out its the real deal- I can pull a heel flip on a pipeboard and backside 180 ollie!