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Glass bowl, plaster of paris, Hobby knife ,aluminium foil , artificial grass mat , acrylic color ,epoxy resin , foam brush , PVA glue , blue & green pigment , glitter ,acrylic sheet, heat gun ,silicone sealant,

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Step 1: Rock Making

This time i tried to make another type of rock for my new terrarium .Many people liked my previous terrarium so i decided to make another one .I take an open glass bowl & measured the size of rock .I filled aluminum foil with plaster of paris . Let it dry, now its ready to shape the rock . For shaping the rock i used hobby knife . Now i made another rock in glass bowl & shape it too.

Step 2: Coloring of Rock

Take brunt umber & stone grey acrylic color, now add 1 part color & 16 part water . First apply burnt umber then stone grey . After drying both colors, take 1 part green stone grey & add 32 part water .Now apply it on rock .After drying i take mixture of water & PVA glue .Spray on rock . Now rock is ready.

Step 3: Ship Making

I take acrylic sheet for ship making , color it with white color . Now sprinkle sand on it .Blue color on it .For rust i apply brunt umber, yellow & orange color .

Step 4: Assembling

Its time to assemble them .I used artificial grass mat ,cut few pieces & paste it on rock . I made artificial coconut trees, paste them in bowl .

Step 5: Epoxy Water & Few Pics

For water making i used Epoxy resin , use blue & green pigment and glitter too. Apply many thin layers in bowl .Don't fill it once because heat generated by epoxy resin break the bowl .I applied many of layers of epoxy resin . Work with resin is very patiently .For waves effect resin used in different angles . .After drying of epoxy used silicone sealant on all areas .It is necessary of wave effect . Terrarium is ready for room decoration .Feel free to drop your comment & suggestion on comment box.

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    2 months ago

    I love this! Beautifully done.


    8 months ago on Introduction

    I saw something similar to this. The guy made a much smaller one so he worked with a lot of glue rather than resin. I have no experience with that s tuff but it seems to be very trendy with arts and crafters these days that I think I might need to go get myself some to put in storage so I can tinker around with it the next time I want to try a project like this!

    2 replies

    Reply 8 months ago

    Thanks for watching,when you make any project, you have to work with resin instead of glue because glue fade, dry & shrink after few days. when you work with resin be careful in glass bowl apply many thin layers in glass .Don't fill it once because heat generated by epoxy resin break the bowl.


    Reply 5 months ago

    Excellent reminder about the heat that resin generates!

    I am really amazed at how these terrariums could require so much hassle to build just one. Nevertheless, that does not stop my nieces and nephews from experimenting on several sets which they had been taught to do at school. It gets their creative juices flowing and their coordination skills in check.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 months ago

    Thanks to encourage us to meet the experimental challenges .


    Answer 10 months ago

    Thanks, i used dough for leaves , and wires as stem,