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Dried meat makes these edible Paleo panties a tasty treat.  This valentines day give your significant other a truly unique gift.

100% edible and 100% meat, they are so easy to make a cavemen could do it! 

Sure, you could spend $140 for a pair of meaty briefs that are only partially edible, but who wants to work around all those metal shards and strings in the heat of passion?

Step 1: Materials

  • 2 lbs Ground Beef
  • 3 Original Slim Jims
  • 3/4 cup Soy Sauce 
  • 2 tbsp Hot Sauce
  • 1 tsp. liquid smoke
  • Seasoning - red pepper flakes, celery salt, onion powder, salt, pepper
Feel free to customize the seasoning to your liking!!

  • Dehydrator
  • Rolling Pin
  • Parchment Paper
  • X-acto knife

Step 2: Season Meat

I originally tried to use steak to make the beef jerky but this presented a few problems.

The first problem was cutting the steak into thin even slices.  The slices needed to be cut evenly and have a large surface area so I could cut the underwear pattern out of it.  I tried to use the trick of slightly freezing the meat then slice it, but I still had a hard time cutting even slices.  Also, the grain of the steak started to separate in the drying process, which isn't a problem for making basic beef jerky, but was certainly a problem for structurally sound briefs.  If you try to make this with steak, I recommend having the butcher pre-slice the steak for you at about 1/4" - 3/8" thick.

The prep for ground beef jerky is much simpler than with steak jerky.  Ground beef is ideal for this project because I can customize the size and shape of the jerky I dehydrate.  This is helpful when cutting out the underwear pattern.

Marinating Ground Beef: Put ground beef in a large bowl and add all the seasoning.  Mix together with your hands!!

To learn how to make beef jerky with steak check here.

Step 3: Flatten Meat

Take a chunk of ground beef, about the size of two golf balls, and roll into a ball.  Place the ball on a piece of parchment paper and add another piece of parchment paper over it.

Use your palm to flatten the ball a bit (not too flat, you just want to make sure the top of the ball is flat when you start rolling it out).

Roll the ground beef out to 1/4" thick.  Using a knife, cut out a rectangle that is 8" x 5".  This actually may change depending on what size you are.  In step 5 I talk about how to customize the underwear pattern pieces.  The size of the rectangles depend on the size of the pattern pieces.  Each pattern piece should fit w/in the rectangle. 

You will need 5 of these rectangles for the brief jerky pattern.

Step 4: Dry Meat in Dehydrator

Turn the dehydrator to 165 degrees.  Dehydrate meat for 12 hours.  Turn mean over half way through.

This was my first time making beef jerky with ground beef and I was surprised how well the jerky stayed together.  Depending on the size of your dehydrator you may need to adjust the size of the rectangles.  You can also make beef jerky in your oven.  Seen link on step 2 for instructions.

Step 5: Cut Out Pattern

Pattern Size: I have provided an underwear pattern, but everyone is a different size.  You will need to cut out four underwear pattern pieces and once crotch piece.

To adjust the pattern, measure your waist size with a tape measure, divide that number by 4 and that is the top length of the pattern.  Next, measure your crotch length by holding the measuring tape at the center back of your waist and running the tape between your legs up to your waist in front.  Take this number and divide by 2, then subtract 2.5". This is the the length of the center seam.  I have you subtract 2.5" because the crotch piece is 5" long and can be used for all sizes.

Beef Jerky Rectangles: like I mentioned in step 3, the size of your rectangle depends on your pattern size.  The rectangle should be your [top length] X [center seam] length.

Cut Out Pattern: cut your pattern pieces out of paper.  Use an x-acto knife or a really sharp knife to cut out the pieces.  The best looking brief jerky has really straight edges.

Next cut out three holes that you will use to lace the underwear up.

Step 6: Make Slim Jim Lace Ups

100% Edible, 100% Meat

The original brief jerky I saw was not 100% edible.  I think its safe to say, when you're in the mood and you want to devour these undergarments off your lover, you don't want to worry about ingesting any scrap bits of metal or string.

So I thought about how I could make the underwear 100% edible and 100% meat.  I had ideas about using some weaving techniques, but aesthetically I didn't love how it looked.  How could I have the lace up look and keep it 100% meat.  Then I got the answer: SLIM JIMS.

Those delicious pieces of dried ambiguous meaty goodness that we all hate to admit we love! 

Slim Jim Lace Ups:  Its really simple.  Use an x-acto knife to slice a slim jim down the middle. Then slice the halves down the middle again so you have 1/4 thickness slim jims.  The point is to keep the length of the slim jims, but decrease the thickness.

Step 7: Put It All Together!

Now that you have all your pieces its time to put it all together!

Front and Back: Start by lacing up the front the underwear together by matching up the center seams of two underwear pattern pieces.  Lace them up with a slim jim.  See diagram for lacing instructions.  Do the same thing for the back using the other two patter pieces.

Crotch: attach the crotch piece to the front and back pieces of the underwear.  

Attach Sides:  with all the pieces attached together, fold the pieces in half in the center of the crotch so the front and back of the underwear are on top of each other.  Lace up the sides like in image 5.

Now that your all laced up you may be worried about the structural integrity of your new briefs, but lets be honest - these aren't meant to be worn for long periods of time!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    The ultimate in over-consumerism and waste. I shouldn't have to explain that something was killed against its will to make that beef and you use it as a joke. Wtf is wrong with the world nowadays. People are starving to death in Africa. Why should you care though hey?

    7 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to make and send some... but, I'm going to wear them to a sporting event first... just for extra tenderizing... because I care for my fellow human beings, and their ability to chew a tough piece of meat!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    So where is the waste? They are edible. No doubt the plan is to eat them off your partner. depend in the size they would be good for more than one fun time activity, pretty much guaranteeing they will be consumed to the last bit. Without waste the charge of consumerism isn't valid. Animal have been dying to provide nutrition for other animals for a long time. Who is to say it's wrong with infallible certainty?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You've got me there, I honestly didn't think anyone would wear dried-out old meat round their crotch and then eat it. Can't say it's something I'd do and I had assumed that this was a joke. If it's a completely serious instructable then you're right, it's not at all wasteful. Just really, really weird. Oh well, I guess it takes all sorts!


    5 years ago

    this would be kinda useful in a zombie apocalypse.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    OMG this is the BEST random instructable, EVER!!!

    Bravo! Kudos! I wonder if I could make tempeh shorts for my vegan friends. I'll let you know.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    For those comments that are rude about how disgusting it is to eat the jerky OFF of your partner, it's not like it's IN them. There are far worse acts done in the bedroom with just the bodies- mouth and lower body parts included. Get over it. To each their own. Besides, you don't have to make it wearable. I like the idea simply because it's novel. I'd make them as little snack favors just for fun, not to wear. :P


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do you still pair a red wine with beef, in this situation? Let's see... is it red with beef, white with fish? Or the other way around? I get confused.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    If you can't cut the steak thin enough, you could just cut it as thin as you can manage and then hammer it flat with a mallet.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is so awesome that I created an account specifically to tell you that. Props on being a software enginerd and understanding how to "engineer" clothing too, especially outta food. totally hot : )


    7 years ago on Introduction

    you would not want to be in a hurry and you'd need some set of jaws on ya .......LOL........


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Srry I forgot to mention I'm only 12
    I'm only 12 and I hunt with my dad( His website is the mjhood one)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I keep thinking, where Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit By The Foot, etc.. were originated as... But with this one, I can't help but think of Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV music Video awards.....