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Make your own calming glitter jar!
Fun for kids and adults--don't take my word for it--make one!

It's a swirling vortex of glittery paradise!

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Step 1: Supply List

You'll need a Mason jar...or a bottle...if small children are going
to play with it, a plastic water bottle works'll just need a funnel.

You'll need glitter glue
The glitter glue gives the liquid a different viscosity
and makes the swirls of glitter more dazzling!
(If you don't have glitter glue and can't make it to the dollar store...
you can use clear school glue and then just extra glitter!)

You'll also need some chunky glitter and some fine glitter.

And some food coloring...optional but worth it!

Step 2: Time to Fill the Jar!

Put 1 cup of hot water into your jar.

Then put about 2 tablespoons of glitter glue into the jar.
(disregard the super messy desk!)

I used pink glitter glue and blue glitter glue...and some iridescent glitter glue.
whisk the concoction to break up the glitter glue a tad...

Step 3: Add the Magic!!!

Add fine glitter until there is about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch layer on the bottom.
fill the jar with water, leave about 1 inch at the top for shaking room!

Yes, this uses tons of glitter!  But the real thing is, have you ever actually
used up an entire jar of glitter???  Me neither.  Plus it's cheap,
you can find all this stuff at the dollar store.

Step 4: A Dash of Fairy Dust!!!

Then add some chunkier glitter and I added a few flower sequins too!
Then add just 1 drop of Neon food coloring.
1 drop of pink...or...1 drop of blue...with all the gorgeous glitter, it looks purple!!!

Step 5: Let the Fun Begin!!!

Get that lid and put it on tight!!!

Once it's really tight and on...shake shake shake!
Settles after about 2 minutes or so...

Step 6: Mesmerizing Fun!

So fun to watch the glitter tornado vortex of swirly fun!
Some people use this for time out...not me.

I use it as a reward if they clean their room or do
something nice for someone else, they can sit and use it. 
I am all about positive reinforcement!
Perfect sensory experience for little minds!

Who am I kidding?  I LOVE this too!
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51 Discussions


5 weeks ago

Asked a question about the glass jars earlier, as I would prefer NOT to use GLASS. Although I'd still welcome suggestions, after reading thru instructions & comments (and because HOT water is used); I think it best to use of a mason jar to create it and THEN use a funnel to transfer to plastic bottle, after it cools. I will post after its complete and let you all know how it went.


Question 5 weeks ago on Introduction

Would LOVE suggestions on different types of containers to use instead of mason jars please.
I have a five year old daughter who will often throw things when angry. She understands and is excited about this craft. I'm just not sure that a GLASS is a good idea at this point. Thanks in advance.


2 years ago

I did this for a school project it was SOO MUCH FUN!!! You should totally do this! HAVE FUN!!



Reply 2 years ago

hi I'm new here and looking at these things for my class I'm trying to make a calming basket but anyway I am replying so here it is I don't think it matters what size you do


5 years ago

I loved your directions! This was probably the best recipe I've found for making these and the food coloring was a beautiful result. I love these jars because they really help keep my anxiety down. And if anyone has an anxiety disorder you know how hard it is to calm down sometimes. But these jars work wonders. I use it when I'm sad, angry, and even bored. It occupies your mind and even the shaking can relieve stress and frustration. Love it(:

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

I made one years ago my daughter. Instead of getting in trouble for her moodiness, giving her time outs, and counting to 3 id tell her or she would choose to get the mood jar with a toy figure in it. She'd start laughing immediately. Its worth it. Gonna make a couple for birthdays and one little girl who has anxiety before school and possibly an eating issue.


Reply 2 years ago

My main reason for looking this up was because I thought it'd help settle me after watching a loop of a tutorial on Facebook for 20 minutes straight. :)

Project DIY

4 years ago on Step 6

If I used a blue jar then used blue glitter and food coloring would it not show up as well? (Blue is my favorite color if you couldn't already tell) Please write back, Thanks. :)

1 reply
tehferalhamsterProject DIY

Reply 2 years ago

The colour of the glitter won't show very well through the glass, no.

I've seen some amazing blue ones made with clear glass jars. You could try using different shades of blue to add some depth.

Erica Maggie

2 years ago

I'm thinking about the holidays and how this would be a great snow globe type of thing. If you put figurines inside would you be able to see them once the glue settles to the bottom?

Terri Washburn

3 years ago

EXACTLY what brand of glue do I need to buy for this project? I have bought two bottles of "glitter glue" and they are both milky white when I put them into the bottle of hot water. Neither glue cleared up! Very frustrating!

1 reply

3 years ago

I tried using the UHU glue but it all clumped together in a big ball of glitter dried glue ... maybe the water wasn't hot enough? Or I didn't stir soon enough? (I added the glue, then the glitter, then I stirred... ). Help! :)


3 years ago

I think putting too much glue in is what makes some of the glitter stay on top..


4 years ago on Introduction

if you use cheap eyeshadw you get a more whispy/ smokey effect since the particles are much finer. It takes longer to settle and is more sensitive to the currents in the bottle


4 years ago

This is a great Instructable, because you have actual ingredient amounts too use as a jumping off point for our own containers. Thank you SO much for the clarity! ?

Ange C

4 years ago on Introduction

I've just made 3 of these. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but some of the glitter floats to the top and some to the bottom. I also tried cooking oil. Oops. It all congealed together and wasn't particularly pleasant to look at. However, I then added some gel food colouring (quite a lot of it, the whole tube in fact) and now I can't see the glitter. Hey ho. Practice makes perfect as they say :) x