POV Camera Phone Head Mount! DIY RIG

Introduction: POV Camera Phone Head Mount! DIY RIG

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See how to put it together and how it works!

Step 1: Convert an Old Phone Tripod Clip Into a POV Camera

Here’s a cheap and easy way to setup a hands-free Camera Mount to film or photograph point of view images! All you’ll need is a hat and a phone mount!

Step 2: Get Your Smartphone

Smaller phones work best for this setup! Great way to repurpose older iPhone.

Step 3: Phone Tripod Mount

These are available at the dollar stores, goodwills and online! Typically, you can find these mounts on the end of a selfie stick. Super cheap!

Step 4: Hat With a Bill

You’ll need a trucker hat or baseball hat with a firm bill. Fishing hats have longer bills and would work great for this! A plastic visor or anything you have available with a bill!

Step 5: Clip Phone

Be sure the wide tripod mount end is on top, it’ll mount the best to the hat.

Step 6: Smaller Phones Work Best

Larger phones may be too heavy for the bill of the hat. Use a firm or plastic visor or hat if you want to try a larger phone.

Step 7: Don’t Mount It Like This.

On top of the bill there’s much more chances that this mount will fall off or not get the correct shot.

Step 8: You’re Done!

Try this at your own risk! This is for a quick way to mount your phone for hands free Point of View (POV) recording. The phone may slip off if you move your head a lot so be aware!

Step 9: Reference View

The phone will mount very close to your eyes so you won’t be able to really see the view in focus. But you will have a view to have an idea of your composition and you have access to operate the on screen controls.

Step 10: Cheap and Easy!

Thanks for checking out this tutorial!

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Watch the video tutorial here!

Step 11: POV FPV Hands Free View!

A wide angle clip on lens would offer you even more range in your view. But this is an easy way to mount your phone to have the freedom to use both your hands for DIY videos, movies or whatever you want to make!

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 2 years ago

    What a creative design! Thanks so much for sharing!


    2 years ago

    Simple and clever! However, your title is currently "Watch The Video Tutorial!" which might be confusing for readers browsing for projects to read about that interest them ;)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the comment! It's been a few years since my last posting and I tried to do this one on my phone, and mixed something up. Thanks for the title help and thanks for checking this tutorial out!