DIY Camera Shoulder Mount With Handle

Introduction: DIY Camera Shoulder Mount With Handle

How to Make a Camera Shoulder Rest with Handle Under $20

Are You Sick of Camera Shakes that Make Your Video Look Like a Torrist Film? Than What You Will Need Is a Shoulder Mount System, but Those Start From $150!!! So You Your Next Best Choice Is This Cheap "Film On a Budget" Shoulder Mount.

This Shoulder Mount Is Very Light Weight And Surprisingly Comfortable. And Works With All Cameras.

Step 1: What You'll Need


1. Universal Flash handle mount, that you can easily get from Ebay at around 10 bucks

2. Flat 1/8" Thick 1" x 48" Aluminum Bar, This will run you about 7 bucks

3. 2 1/4" x 1/2" or 1" Bolt and Nut Plus some #10 Washers ($1)

4. Some foam

Step 2: Flip Your Handle

My Flash Mount had ruber on one of its sides and i wanted to use that ruber as pading for my camera so i had to flip my handle on the other side. If you do not have this problem than move on.

I Also replaced that big thumb screm for a regular screw so it doesn't get in the way

Step 3: Bend Your Aluminum

Bend the bar so it fit your shoulder like a glove on to a hand

make sure yo leave some excess aluminum at the end so you will have some room to drill the holes

Step 4: Make Holes

Drill Three or more holes in the aluminum about an inch apart just like these.

Also drill holes in the Flash mount if needed.

Step 5: Screw the Mount

Now Screw the mount and the aluminum pices together like this or how ever it fits your shoulder mount.

Step 6: Atach Your Foam

Atach your foam or padding. I used regular packing foam and double stick tape.


Slip on your foam tube

Step 7: Atach the Cam

Atach The Cam and enjoy



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    7 Discussions

    Hey, good idea to use an old Flash handle mount. I didn’t thought of that.

    whoo hoo 12:09 a.m.! (i stay up way to late) I like the idea of being able to have a steady shot but without the tripod/dolly and good job on the instructable. There is one thing though. This is a lot like PieterPost's DIY camera shoulder rest. You might want to check with him to see if its ok if you havent already.

    2 replies

    Well this is a little different anyway, its the same idea as PieterPost but He's idea wasn't an original.

    wow this idea must have an original back when instructables started. I do like your idea of adding a handle it helps making tilting the camera easier when if it didnt have one it made it hard to hold on to

    W00t. Looks hawt, I wanna see if I can build something like a shoulder mounted steady cam, take some technology from anchoring desk lamps, loosen up the springs, mount it to a backpack core, then I have a shoulder mounted steady cam with extra storage for my tripod :)