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Introduction: DIY Cardboard Backpack

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Cardboard is the one of useful items, you can use it for packing something, diy, and anything. Now i will show you how to make a Backpack using Cardboard. You can use to school, to office, or any place. This cardboard backpack can lifting weights more than 2 kg.

No more Introduction! Let's make it!!

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Cardboard
  • Small Brush
  • White Glue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pen or anything for make a mark
  • Screw
  • Some rope
  • Small cups for glue
  • Some Binder clip

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

  • Take the cardboard and cut it
  • Take the pen and ruler and measure the size
  • Cut it and it looks like image 4 and make it 2 pcs

Step 3: Cut Again

  • Take 1 cardboard and cut it like image 1
  • Take another cardboard and cut it again and its look like image 2

Step 4: Test

Insert the two cardboard together and its look like image. You can make any shapes you want for your backpack

Step 5: Make the Bottom

Cut a small cardboard for the bottom, like image 2 and fold the ends like image 3

Step 6: Glue It!

Take the cups and fill it with white glue. Take the brush and glue the cardboard slowly. After that take the binder clips and clip it to the cardboard until the glue dried. Glue all of the parts slowly.

Step 7: Its Look Like This

After the glue dried, the cardboard will look like this.

Step 8: Make the Backpack Head

  • Measure the size of the backpack, make mark on new cardboard and cut it.
  • Make lines for make the cardboard indentation like image 1 and 2
  • Take paper from cardboard and use it for paste the cardboard head and the backpack like image 3 and 4
  • After paste the cardboard head and the backpack its look like image 5

Step 9: Make the Lock

  • Take the screw and insert it to the backpack
  • Make the rope from cardboard and glue it all like image 3 and 4

Step 10: Almost Finish

  • Make a hole from the back of the backpack
  • Take the rope and insert it to the backpack
  • And tie the inside like image 2

Step 11: Finish!

Ding ding! Your cardboard backpack is ready to wear!

Enjoy your style and enjoy the attention. :)

Thank you for look my work.

Sorry for my English.

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    13 Discussions

    Very clever!

    I may just use this idea for creating props in the future. Thank you very much for sharing!

    great idea! Voted.


    2 years ago

    Cool could soak some wax into the cardboard to make it waterproof. Thanks for sharing

    2 replies

    Produce boxes tend to come pre waxed, the thing we ship lettuce in.

    Great idea and presentation. Also a really good recycling project. I can see my "adopted" grandkids making and decorating the finished pack. Thank you. Voted!

    1 reply

    you could add washers around the holes where the straps are tied for extra stability

    1 reply