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Introduction: DIY Climbing Pegboard

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Below you will find a detailed guide on how to build an outdoor climbing pegboard on a budget. In total it adds up to around less than 20$ for all the materials. Why a climbing pegboard? Well, why not! It’s fun and it is also a form of exercise. Fill two needs with one deed! I hope you will find this instructable useful.

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Step 1: Teaser

Here’s a 1:22 minute video showing you the process of building the climbing pegboard.

Step 2: Materials

1. Used pine (planed) (1”x3”) x 9
2. Pine (1 ¼”x4”) x 2
3. Plywood 12mm (9’’x4’)
4. 1 5/16 inch dowel
5. Polyurethane
6. 3 inch screws
7. 4 ½ inch screws
8. 1 ½ inch wall plugs
9. Wood glue
10. Sponge/brush*
11. Masking tape*

The numbering is reflected on the picture above. (Forgot to add 10 and 11 in the picture opps!) You can also swap used pine to (2x6) pine but i went for this route because i have leftovers and didn’t want to add up the cost but it’s definitely up to you!

Step 3: Tools

1. Safety goggles
2. Mask
3. Safety shoes
4. L-square ruler (normal ruler would do)
5. Power drill
6. Mitre saw (hand saw does the trick too)
7. Drill press (optional)
8. Clamp
9. Measurement tape
10. 1 ½ dowel drill bit
11. Pencil
12. Ladder (optional)

The numbering is reflected on the picture above. (Forgot to add ladder my bad.) You can swap mitre saw for a hand saw if you don’t have one and you can also use a power drill instead a drill press later on no worries!

Step 4: Measure and Cut

First thing first, wear your safety boots and glasses. Next, take your measurement tape and pencil out your (1”x3”) pine at 3FT. You can choose to go longer if you like but having the used pine to only reaching 3FT i had to make do with what i have. Do the same by measuring your (1 ½ ”x4”) pine pieces or thicker at 1 ½ FT. Also get your plywood and measure it to tally up to 3FT long and 9 inch wide depending on the width of your used pine if 3 of them are stacked together. Mine equates to 9 inches. I measured my plywood to 3 FT as well. Lastly mark two pieces of the dowel to 7 ½ inches in legth because 3 inches is for the pegboard and 4 ½ inches for my hand.

Once done, set up your mitre saw, strap your mask on and cut on the marked pieces. Alternatively you can use a handsaw to work that muscle up!

Step 5: Glue and Clamp

Get your plywood, place it as the base and collect all your (1x3)’s pine and stack them to threes and side by side. Sandwich them one on top of the other using wood glue. Spread the wood glue out evenly on the whole surface area. Not to mention side by side too! Having done that use your clamp to secure the glue in place so that it’ll cure better. I took a scrap wood lying around and clamp it on one side to the other. Let it sit for half a day.

Step 6: Mark and Drill

Now, use your L-square ruler or any ruler for that matter and mark 1.5 inch off both side of the board. This will be your guide to make the pegboard holes. Just to clarify, the middle pine (1x3) is there for aesthetic purposes.Mark every 6 inches from the top of the board till the bottom. Once you’ve done that, you can now get your 1 ½ inch dowel drill bit (i changed my dowel drill bit 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch because its too snug and it's hard to insert in) and mark the drill bit to align with the depth of your board (excluding the plywood depth). You can either use a masking tape or pencil to mark the depth. Alternatively you can always use a 1 ½ inch forstner bit if you don't want any holes reflected onto the plywood later on. Once that is done, wear your mask and place it on your drill press or power drill to drill your way! Heads up, it's going to be really messy while you're making friends with the saw dust.

Step 7: Screw It in Place

Turn your climbing pegboard around and use your 3 ¼ inch screws so that it’ll place your plywood and your pegboard securely down the middle. Put as many as you want but what I did, I marked 3 points in between all the holes that i made and drill it in using my power drill. I first mark where the holes were and draw a line from one end to the other. And go down 6 inches each step of the way. I also placed in the 2 pieces of (1 ½ x4) pine beforehand 10 inches from top and the bottom of the peg board . I then glue them on top of the plywood and screw them in with my 4 ½ inch screws in place.

Step 8: Stain Your Masterpiece

Apply any stains that can handle harsh weather. I used polyurethane and did 2 coatings. Each coating, i wait for it to dry. Since i live in a hot sunny-like country, it dries up quite fast. For the final layer, i left it to dry for a day.

Step 9: Mount and Play!

Lastly, I drill in the screws so that i can see the tip of all four sides on the (1 ½ x4) pine for the mount. I placed in 6, 3 inch screws 4 on the top (1 ½ x4) pine and 2 at the bottom (1 ½ x4) pine. Using that as a marker, i wiggled my way on the wall so that it'll have a slight marking. Used my power drill to drill 6 holes on the drywall and placed the wall plugs in. Walla, you have your very own outdoor jungle gym activity!

If you like the instructable, kindly hit the hearty button on the top right of the screen. Thank you and i hope you enjoy it as i do for future workout session/activity!

Ps: we made this for the greater good of our community. Free for all to use! Right after work to have some fitness session and play time combined. Thanks for reading guys truly appreciate it.

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    Tip 1 year ago on Step 9

    @Ronanry thought it would definitely be cooler if it is removable! I think so too! So if anyone would like a removable version, you can switch the 3 inch screws with heavy duty hook over hinges/ lift off hinges like the picture here but it depends the size of the hinge to cater for a specific weight. Thanks Ronanry!


    1 year ago

    If it was made removable it would have been a top instructable ! For now, it's only a really great instructable ;) Thx for the sharing and the idea, my daughter will love it :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi there. Thank you for your kind comment. Ah yes, I made this climbing pegboard for the community hence that is why it is placed at a permanent structure. Yes yes, you can always hack your way! What i would suggest is opting for heavy duty hook over hinges/ lift off hinges like the picture here but it depends the size of the hinge to cater for a specific weight. Thank you again for the advise!


    1 year ago

    What a fun idea for your community!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Haha yeah we thought why not introduce a game-like activity incorporating being healthy and fit at the same time. Btw, thank you for the vote of encouragement!