DIY Crocodile - Kids Bookshelf - Organizer




Introduction: DIY Crocodile - Kids Bookshelf - Organizer

Hey! Today I made a Crocodile Kids Bookshelf - Organizer. Kids love animals and they can clean own room with cute goods. Let's make a cute Crocodile Kids Bookshelf :)

♥️ materials:

▫️ cardboard

▫️ paper (red and yellow)

▫️ acrylic paint (white and black)

▫️ glue

▫️ brush

▫️ paper tape

▫️ hot glue gun

▫️ scissors

Step 1: Cut Cardboard

You can see all sizes for all pieces. We need 5 cardboard pieces. If you want to a big box, you can change all sizes. But this sizes is perfect for little bookself :)

Step 2: Make Perfect All Corners

We want to a perfect bookself. Use a paper tape for all corner. Just tear a little tape and paste all corners. Cut a little line on tape, they'll perfect size for corner.

Step 3: Let's Make Colorful

Cut the colorful paper same cardboard sizes. I use liguid glue for paste. This is so usefull for cardboard. If you use a liguid glue, you'll need a brush. One side is green and other side'll be red on the 5 pieces. Use green and red paper for it.

Step 4: Let's Combine All Pieces

I use hot glue gun for this step. Paste all pieces with glue.

Step 5: And Make Eyes and Lines

Use white and black paints for eyes and some black lines.

Step 6: And Video Step

You can see al steps on this video.

This is my own video. Please don't forget to like my video :) thanks

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    2 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    That is such an adorable little organizer :)

    3 Great Ideas
    3 Great Ideas

    Reply 1 year ago

    thank you so much :)))