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Hello! Friends, today in this instructable RusticKraft presents a beautiful DIY Dancing Water Fountain made with PVC pipe. Its a very simple project to make at home.

Materials Needed:

  • PVC Pipe 1/2 inch
  • PVC endcap 1/2 inch *2
  • PVC T-joints 1/2 inch *2
  • Plastic L-joint
  • Transparent Plastic Pipe
  • Water Pump 3W
  • 12V Mode Changer
  • 12V Adapter
  • Blue Waterproof LED Strip
  • Plug

Tools Needed:

  • Cutter
  • Drill
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Hot Glue

Decorative Items:

  • Plastic Plants
  • Stones

Step 1: Setup of PVC Pipe

So let us start...

  • We need 2pcs of 2ft PVC pipe and 1pc of 1.5ft
  • Cover both ends of 1.5ft PVC pipe with PVC endcap
  • Take 2 PVC T-joints and join them at the bottom of the 2pcs of 2ft PVC pipe.
  • Now cut 2 small pcs of PVC pipe
  • Give a cut with the drill blade (as shown in the imgs)
  • Attach the pcs on 1.5ft pipe following the endcaps on both ends

Step 2: Setup of the Water Chamber

  • Now take a marker, mark some dots leaving a 2cm gap on the 1.5ft pipe
  • Take the drill, and make holes on those marked dots.
  • Then take one endcap and make a hole on the top (as shown in the imgs)
  • And fit the plastic L-joint on it and glue it with silicone sealant (make sure the water won't leak out)

You can watch the full video on YouTube :

Step 3: Assembling the PVCs

  • Then make a hole in one of the 2ft PVC pipe to pass the plastic pipe through it.
  • Now take a tray, place the 2ft pipes on it with hotglue. (as shown in the imgs)
  • Then attach the 1.5ft pipe on the top of the 2ft pipes with hot glue. (as shown in the imgs)
  • Join the plastic L-joint with the plastic pipe and glue it with silicone sealant.

Step 4: Connection for the Water

  • Now take the water pump and connect it with the plastic pipe
  • Then connect a 12V Mode Changer with the pump
  • Then connect the 12V Adapter with it.
  • Decorate it with the plastic plants and stones.

Step 5: Final Touchup With Lights and It's Done.

Now the lights needed to make it look beautiful.

  • Take a blue waterproof LED strip and stick on a hard sheet
  • Then place the LED on the water facing upward.
  • Plug in the LED and switch on the LED and Pump.

Enjoy the beautiful waterfall Change the mood, will make the water dance. There are different types of moods, feel the sound of the waterfall with dancing water.

That all for today, thanks, everyone... bye till now see you again...

Check out the full making video on YouTube.

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