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Introduction: DIY Digital Microscope

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Hello friends!!

Welcome to my Instructable, Don't throw any old electronic device to garbage...may it has a great application to your creative mind. In this tutorial, I made a DIY Digital Microscope using old CD/VCD mechanism with no cost/ low cost. So let's do it.

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Step 1:

Step 2: Requirements

For the construction of this Digital Microscope, you require following materials...

1) Old CD/VCD mechanism with burner lens

2) Old usb camera circuit

3) Hardboard (for body construction)

4) LED Lamp

5) USB cable wire

6) Variable resistant

7) Transparent plastic sheet

8) Any webCam software

9) Working tools

Step 3: Base Construction

An old CD/VCD mechanism tray was taken and all unnecessary parts were removed. The burner lens was separate carefully from the VCD mechanism tray for further use. Now attach the VCD mechanism perpendicular to the base made of hardboard using angle cleat as shown int he photo.

Watch full video tutorial on YouTube Click here

Step 4:

Step 5: Assembly

A piece of hardboard were used to attached usb camera circuit to the sliding part of the VCD mechanism as shown in the photo. The burner lens were placed exactly middle of the CMOS sensor of the Camera circuit. A light box was made with transparent upper window for objective stage.

Step 6: Finishing Up

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Step 7: Observation

Step 8: Video Tutorial

Watch full video tutorial on YouTube

Thank You

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    7 Discussions

    Very nice project! As you said, "don't throw any electronic device away." Great ingenuity here and nicely carried out. Good luck in the contest

    2 replies

    Very interesting project - and a great 'creative misuse' idea. Good luck in the contest! :)

    1 reply

    What If... you had 2 drives... mounted the camera head on the second drive mech, you could have an all singing X Y Z moveable scope, save fiddling with the slide to move another area into view... still a good idea in first place

    1 reply

    Sir thanks for your idea... i'm new here, this is my first instructables...wil try best on next