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Thermocol sheet ,Tissue paper, PVA glue, ice cream sticks, floral foam ,dry leaves, nylon rope ,dry moss for trees, acrylic colors, plaster of Paris, shashlic sticks, baking soda.

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Step 1: Preparation of Base

This time i tried to make Diorama or Christmas village . I take 2 x 1.5 feet thermocol sheet. Cover it with tissue paper & PVA glue mixture .Now take thermocol sheet for small houses &cut it small pieces for houses,hard plastic sheet for making of windows .Cut few pieces & make boundary of window with thin wood stick .Color the sheet with yellow & orange acrylic color .

Step 2: Making of Small Houses

For making of door i use ice cream stick .Now cover the house i used yellow & black stones with PVA glue .Second house is cover with shashlic sticks & third house cover with floral foam . For roof decoration i used dry leaves ,ice cream sticks .

Step 3: Tree Making

For small trees i used nylon rope ,cut few pieces and place it in thin binding wire , twist the wire & open the rope .For best result polyester microfiber is used .Now spray PVA glue on it and sprinkle dry moss on it ,beautiful trees are ready .White acrylic color is used on trees as snow

Step 4: Color the Base

Now its time to color the base ,i used acrylic colors ( dark &light brown , black ,dark & light green ). For dry bushes i used brush bristles and i colored foam pieces in green color .Sprinkle wood dust on it .Now assembled all the things on base . My project of Diorama & Christmas village is ready .

Step 5: Few Pics of Diorama

Here is few pictures of my project .

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    Voted: Unreal absolutely Beautiful Thank-you for your time and effort to show others
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