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Introduction: DIY Ear Cuff

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Hey all you crafters! Today I wanted to show you how to make this really simple but intricate looking ear cuff. As I said before it's super easy. I'll show you how to make a cartilage cuff and an inner ear cuff. Both are great accessories for any outfit!

Step 1: Materials

-wire (any gauge works for this though I recommend not too thick)
-wire clippers
-round nose pliers
-beads (optional)
-something round (I'm using a pen)

Step 2: Cartilage Cuff

First I'll show you how to make a more noticeable cuff. This cuff goes on the outside of you ear much like a cartilage peircing would.

Step 3: Making the Cuff

To begin the cuff, cut off a 5" piece of wire. Use your round nose pliers to roll the ends in on it's self to create a spiral. Go up about an inch and bend the wire back repeat this 3 times. You should get something that looks like a m or w shape. Before closing off the other end you can add a few colorful beads if you'd like. Finally close of the other end by using the spiral technique like you did before. Now to create the rounded shape to fit your ear. Bend your cuff around a pen or something round resembling the size of your ear. And tadaaa!!! Your own ear cuff that you made yourself!

Step 4: Inner Ear Cuff

Now I'm going to show you how to make this delicate inner ear cuff. This cuff is a little less noticeable and a bit easier to make than the cartilage cuff.

Step 5: Making the Cuff

Start by cutting a 3.5 in piece if wire. Create a spiral on one end like you did before in the cartilage cuff tutorial. Next bend the wire into a half heart shape and fold the wire at the point of the heart. Go down the wire about a half inch and fold the wire back. Again create a half heart shape and make a spiral at the end. Clip any access wire off. Pinch the end of the heart shape and bend back the end. And tadaaa! You have made your inner ear cuff!

Step 6: Tadaaa!

Thank you guys for looking at this tutorial. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below and don't forget to like and vote! If you gave this a try please show me! I love seeing your recreations! If you have suggestions for what you want to see next please let me know!

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    5 years ago

    they are Awesome♥♥♥


    5 years ago

    Simple but still so cute! The curled wire gives me a Tim Burton-y vibe (^·^)