DIY Easy Ocean Wave Rings




Introduction: DIY Easy Ocean Wave Rings

Create these dainty Ocean Wave rings in no time!

Step 1: Watch My Easy Video :) or Follow the Simple Steps Below:

Step 2: You Will Need:

3 3-4" pieces of Teal 20 Gauge Wire

Ring Mandrel

Needle Nose Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers

Nylon Pliers


Step 3:

Grab the end of each piece of wire with the bent nose pliers and use the nylon pliers to straighten the wire. This will also harden the wire, making your rings stronger.

Step 4:

Using the needle nose pliers, grab the middle of one of the pieces of wire.

Step 5:

Bend both pieces of wire upwards.

Step 6:

Now take your bent nose pliers and flatten the bend a tad.

Step 7:

It should look like this.

Step 8:

Grasp the wire with the tips of the needle nose pliers, holding the wire about 1/4" below the tips of the pliers.

Step 9:

Bent the left side down and under the pliers. This starts to create the wave.

Step 10:

Now bent the left side of the wire down to the side of the pliers.

Step 11:

Place your wave on the ring mandrel in the spot that best fits your pinky.

Step 12:

Bend the ends of the wire around the mandrel one full time.

Step 13:

Trim off the extra wire on the top...

Step 14:

..and on the bottom.

Step 15:

Grab the top end of the cut wire with the needle nose pliers and turn the wire 360 degrees upwards to create a circle finished end.

Step 16:

Do the same to the bottom making sure to turn the circle downwards this time.

Step 17:

It should look like this :)

Step 18:

Makes my pinkie feel fancy. I need a cup of tea so I can hold it in the air for awhile...

Step 19:

Repeat the same process for the second and third waves. Hold the wire in the pliers a tad lower for the second wave.

Step 20:

Hold the wire even lower for the third wave. This makes each one a little bigger than the last, giving them that ocean wave effect. Also hold each wave lower on the ring mandrel so that one fits your ring finger, and middle finger.

Step 21:

Tadaa!! You've just created your own Ocean Wave rings! Now go show 'em off ;)

Step 22:

I'd love to see your Ocean Wave rings sets!!

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    I like the wave idea. :)


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