DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Cover

Introduction: DIY Envelope Throw Pillow Cover

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Envelope pillow covers are a quick and easy way to spruce up a room, so if you have a room that is in need of a makeover or if you’re like me and constantly feel the need to re-decorate then diy pillow covers are just what you need. The best thing about DIY pillow cover is that they are fairly inexpensive and simple to make  to make, you can use old fabric that you have laying around or you can purchase a yard of decorative fabric for a very reasonable price.

What you will need:
- Fabric
- Pillow Form or Old throw pillow
- Measuring Tape
- Scissors
- Pins
- Sewing Machine and thread

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Step 1: Measure and Cut Fabric

My pillow form measures 12×16 so I need to cut my fabric as follows:
-Front Piece: 13×17
-Back Piece: 13 x22
         - Cut the back piece in half to make two equal pieces that measure 13×11

Step 2: Hem the Inside of the Back Two Pieces of Fabric

Lay the back pieces of fabric side by side placing the right side of the fabric so that it is facing down.  Fold inside edge over 1/4 inch and then fold the fabric over again 1/4 inch and straight stitch. This is to that it creates a clean edge. You will do this for each of the back pieces.

Step 3: Pin the Front and Back Pieces Together

Lay the front piece right side up and then place the two back pieces with the right side facing down. Line the corners up with the back pieces overlapping at the inside hem (this will create the pillow opening). Pin along the outside edges making sure not to stretch the fabric (if you stretch the fabric it will cause the pillow to pucker).

Step 4: Sew

Straight stitch around the outside edge of the pillow with a 1/2 inch seam; When you get to the corners stitch at an angle. This creates a better a better fit.

Step 5: Clip Corners

Once you are done sewing  clip the outer corners of the pillow cover at an angle

Step 6: Iron

Turn the pillow right side out and iron. This is what it should look like

Step 7: Stuff

Stuff the pillow form into the pillow cover pushing the edges into the corners and….Viola you have a new pillow

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3 years ago

Thanks instructables for your amazing pillow cover ideas. It's really so simple to make a pillow cover.


Reply 3 years ago

I'm so glad you found it helpful!! Xo


3 years ago

i tried to download the pdf and it didn't download.. all it wants if for me to sign up for the dam pro version.. i don't want the pro version.. i need the pdf to make this pillow cover