DIY Fabric Hoop Earrings




Introduction: DIY Fabric Hoop Earrings

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Step 1: Materials

- scrap paper
- cardboard
- compass or string and tape
- a sharp piercing tool (e.g. sharpened nail, dentist tool, thick needle, etc.)
- ruler
- ribbon (preferably 3/4" wide or narrower)
- exacto blade
- scissors
- earring hooks
- latex gloves
- fabric glue
- 2 pairs of pliers, *one pair may be a needle nose pliers
- * wire cutter
- * steel wire (about 22 or 24 gauge)

* optional material - for making jump rings

Step 2: Preparing the Template

Take a pencil and draw 2 circles onto a piece of scratch paper - one larger and one smaller.  Use a compass or - if your like me and too broke to buy one - tape one end of a piece of string (or dental floss) to the pencil and hold the other end of the string firmly to the paper.  Use the tension of the string to make a circle.  After you are done tracing, cut these circles out. 

Step 3: Still Preparing the Template

Take a thin piece of cardboard and trace the outline of the large circle.  Next take the smaller circle and place it within the outline of the large circle, but slightly off center.  Now trace. 

Step 4: Finishing the Template

Using your scissors and exacto blade to cut this shape out.  This is now your template - it is a stencil to be used only for tracing the cardboard backing for all the future earrings you are about to make.  Using a template ensures consistency in the size and shape of your earrings.

Step 5: Creating the Support

Now, using the template, trace and cut out at least 2 more cardboard cut outs. 

Step 6: Cutting the Ribbon

Measure and cut a piece of ribbon. 

* the ribbon that I'm using in this demo is 1" wide and I needed a ribbon about 23" long.  If you are using a narrower ribbon you will need a longer strip (e.g. a 1/2" ribbon will require a strip about 35" long)

Step 7: Attach the Ribbon

Put on your gloves and - using the fabric glue - attach one end of the ribbon to the narrowest section of one of your cardboard cut outs.  hold in place till it dries. 

Step 8: Begin Wrapping

After the glue has dried you may begin to wrap the ribbon around the cut out.  Remember to slightly overlap with each pass. 

Step 9: When You Are Finished Wrapping....

Now you must cut off any extra ribbon.  Remember to let a little bit remain: you will need enough to make a hem and to cover the exposed bit of cardboard.

Step 10: Making the Hem

You can sew for the next two steps, but I prefer glue.  Put the gloves back on and lay a thin strip of fabric glue near the end of the ribbon and parallel to its edge.  Fold the edge over and hold down until dry.  You have now created the hem. 

Step 11: Finishing the Fabric Hoop

After the hem is dry, you may fold over and glue down the extra length of fabric onto the exposed piece of cardboard. 

Step 12: Optional: Making the Jump Rings

The next few steps are optional instructions for making jump rings.  You can attach the earring hooks directly to the fabric hoop, but having a jump ring in between the hook and the fabric hoop creates a nicer, finished piece and the earrings hang better. 

You can also buy pre-made jump rings or take some of your old jewelry apart. 

Here is what you'll need if you want to make your own:

- steel wire (around 22 or 24 gauge)
- wire cutters or nippers
- needle nose pliers

Step 13: Shaping the Wire

Take the end of the spool of wire and shape it with the needle nose pliers into a small circular ring.

Step 14: Cut the Wire

Now cut it with the wire cutter.

Step 15: Open the Ring

Use two pairs of pliers to twist open the ring.

Step 16: Pierce the Fabric Hoop

Take a sharp tool and pierce the narrow section of the fabric hoop.  You can use anything from a sharpened nail to a dentist's tool; In this demo I'm using some sort of upholstery tool my friend lent me.  Make sure the hole you pierce is near the outer edge of the hoop - you want to allow enough room for the jump ring or earring hook to pass through. 

Step 17: Attach the Jump Ring

Now take the opened jump ring and - with a pair of pliers - fed it through the hole you have just pierced i the fabric hoop. 

Step 18: Attach the Earring Hook

Place the earring hook onto the jump ring.

Step 19: Close the Jump Ring

Use your two pliers to close the jump ring.

Step 20: Finished!

You now have some snazzy earrings! Yay!

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    5 years ago

    Talent at its best!


    7 years ago on Step 12

    Great tutorial, I'm making me some hoops !

    That is such a cute idea! And they look like they would be soft and light on your ears!