DIY FerroFluid and Play With It




Introduction: DIY FerroFluid and Play With It

It's a simple instruction on how to make interesting ferrofluid and have fun with that. You just need several basic stuffs to do that.

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1. Laser Printer Toner (50 ml)

2. Plant Oil (30ml)

4. Dropper, Glass Bar, Beaker with scale, Dish

5. Rare Earth Magnets (I use 3 rare earth magnets provided by Stanford Magnets, 1 SMDN0197, 1 SMDN0054, 1 SMBN0611)

6. Gloves

Step 2: Mix the Plant Oil and the Toner Powder

Mix the plant oil (30 ml) and Toner Powder (50 ml)

Step 3: Stir the Mixture

Stir the mixture of plant oil and toner powder until the 2 ingredients mixed evenly.

Step 4: Play With the Ferrofluid

I placed the SMDN0197 around the beaker with the ferrofluid. The ferrofluid started to move towards the magnet.

I moved some ferrofluid to dish to observe further.

Step 5: FerroFluid Jump to Magnets

1. I placed SMDN0197 on the other dish and hold the dish just about 0.5 cm above the ferrofluid. The ferrofluid start to jump to the dish.

2. Later replace SMDN0197 with SMBN0611. That super strong magnet made ferrofluid jump even higher.

Step 6: Magnet in Ferrofluid

I threw SMDN0054 into the ferrofluid forming a ferrofluid ball around the magnet.

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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Hello, Thank you for the video! Why is it so important that we do not use mineral oil? I want to make it last longer without smelling odd or go rancid. Also, which kind of toner do we buy? I understand there are many kinds! Im not very informed. Cheers =)


    4 years ago

    Laser toner as in the powder substance?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I made ferrofluid some months ago with about 20 grams of iron dust from cutting large iron sheets and wasted mineral oil, I guess the toner works better because even testing all the possible concentrations the iron shavings still behaved as a semi solid and not like a viscous liquid when near the magnet, also the oil separated too easily.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, nice e-meeting you. I think the problem with your previous experiment is the particle size. as ferrofluid requires nano-scale iron particle. It's impossible to cut large iron sheets into nano size. So it will be easier to start with iron powder. Also remember to use plant oil.