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Hello, this is an instructable of a DIY Foosball Table Top made by me and my students in my lab. This small project is great to share with small children as it clears their basics and fundamentals about woodworking, tool handling, Metal working as well as 3D Printing.

Step 1: Cutting Down the Base

So, for starting with the project, we had to cut down the base of the table top. So, we went with an MDF board of 10mm thickness and dimensions 8feetx4feet.

However, we had to chop it down according to our requirements. So we used a circular saw from Bosch to deduce its size to 38inches x 24 inches in dimension. Because we were working with Primary School students, it was not fair for us to hand over circular saw to them. So, they helped with marking and measuring.

Step 2: Painting the Base

After the base was deduced to required dimensions, it was painted using Grass Green Acrylic Spray

Step 3: Cutting Down the Metal Rods

Now, as the base was getting ready, we had to chop down metal rods to fit the foosmen. We chopped the rods using Bosch Chop Saw in a length of 35 inches each. The diameter of the rod was 16mm.

Step 4: 3D Priniting the Foosmen

Once we chopped down 6 rods, it was time to 3D Print Foosmen . We decided not to waste any time and downloaded this file from Thingiverse: . We printed them in 2 colors, Blue and Green and then removed the supports.

Step 5: Fitting the Players on Rods

After printing was completed, it was time to slide in the foosball player onto rods. We simply used a rubber mallet to knock the players down on the rod and it was a snug fit.

Step 6: Painting the Soccer Field

The next step was to paint the soccer field. The trick is very simple. Take the measurments from al the sides, cover the areas with masking tape and simply spray black or white acrylic. The circle in center was cut off by laser machine on a piece of paper and was painted in the same manner.

Step 7: Adding Walls, Players and Handles.

Now it was time to add walls from all the sides. The height of walls has to be determined by placing the players on playfield. There must be a gap of atleast 2-3mm between player feet and playfield for uniform movement.


Once the height was determined, all we had to do was keep the rods straight, cut out holes to pass them and fix the handles. The design of handle can be downloaded from here:


For fixing handles, we used clear epoxy glue so that it stays in its place.

Step 8: Time for Showcase

We showcased the foosball project at winter carnival and it was a huge hit.... Not only it was a learning experience, but it's real fun to spend some time playing with your friends.

You can also build and gift it to your friends. Enjoy!! And while you build it, please vote for our entry in all the 3 contests!! It can help us win some goodies for our lab...



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    bryans workshop

    1 year ago

    Very nice! I love that you made this with kids. This is on my to do list! I don't have a 3D printer, so I'll make foosmen out of wood. Thanks for sharing!

    2 replies
    psycute-entbryans workshop

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you so much Bryan. Can you please vote for the contest entry too?? It'll help our lab to win some goodies