DIY Frozen Castle Using Plastic Bottles and Hot Glue




Hello, in this tutorial I show you how I made a frozen castle lamp using seven 0,5 plastic bottles, hot glue and glitter. I am pretty happy with the result and is one of my favorite projects so far. Be careful when working with the hot glue though!

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Step 1: Making the Basic Shape

I start by cutting the seven plastic bottles to the desired heights. For castles I usually want to have uneven heights for the towers. it gives a certain dynamic to it. I glue them together and make the basic shape of the castle.

Step 2: Making Details

I draw a lot of windows, large and small, a door and the shape of unrolled cones for the roofs. I trace the drawings with hot glue and pour glitter while it's still sticky. I used dark blue glitter for the door, windows and roofs. I also made a hole bunch of icicles using turquoise glitter. (The hot glue icicles are a big part of this project so you will also see me using white icicles and light blue icicles from time to time.) Make sure to save the glitter after each use!

Step 3: Gluing Details

I glued the windows, roofs and door. (When using hot glue on the plastic bottles you want to have a test bottle near by to make sure your glue is not too hot and won't melt the bottles. Switch it on and off to adjust the heat, or, if you don't have a switch simply unplug it.) I filled the spaces between the plastic bottles with some wrapping foil. I added icicles to the roofs and I also used pointy icicles on the towers, for a cooler effect.

Step 4: Covering With Hot Glue

I then covered the whole castle in hot glue. Although it seems like a tone of glue it really isn't (approx 700 grams). I made a thin coat and went in vertical lines so it looks natural.

Step 5: Final Touches

After I had the whole surface covered in hot glue I started adding icicles here and there, under the windows, under the towers, on the entrance. When gluing icicles I made sure to pour glitter on the fresh hot glue. I also made sure to have a paper sheet under the project so I can save the unused glitter. So that's it! No painting needed for this project. Like I said this is one of my favorite projects so far and the effect of the hot glue ice is so amazing. Of course I placed some battery LED lights under the frozen castle and it looks unreal in the dark. DON'T USE HOT LIGHTS!

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    25 days ago

    Wow! This such a unique and original idea. And the results are spectacular.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    8 months ago

    I just love this! It's so pretty and certainly doesn't look like plastic bottles :)


    9 months ago on Step 5

    I think this is just pure genius! Voted! I need to make something like this! Great instructions too!


    9 months ago

    You are so artistically creative. Thanks for sharing your creations.


    Tip 9 months ago

    Voted! Please post a picture of it in the dark :)


    9 months ago

    Amazing you have my vote !

    Kink Jarfold

    9 months ago on Step 5

    Absolutely beautiful! You are so dang creative! -- Kink--

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