Introduction: DIY GALAXY CALMING JAR (Without Glue)

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I came across these calming jars and thought this is just exaggeration like how is a jar suppose to calm or satisfy someone. So I decided to try it out and share my experience with you.

In this video, you'll see the easiest wy to make galaxy calming jar. Before this, I tried different ways to make this calming jar I read that people try making calming jars with glue but not every time it's successful, so I tried with oils I thought it might give the effect like a lava lamp, but This is the easiest and it totally works. Adding oil didn't result well the glitter formed a cluster. So this the simplest way to make calming jar without glue. You'll need mason jar or a container, food coloring or watercolor, and glitter. I added water in a container and then mixed color blue and red to make a purplish color for galaxy then added Blue chunky glitter, silver glitter, and fine golden glitter. I also added pink sequin and then filled the container. that's it if you want you can glue the lid especially if you make this calming jar for kids.



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    Thank you! I am going to do this with my pre-K class this week!!

    1 reply

    I'm sure they will find it calming ❤❤