DIY Home Recording Studio




Introduction: DIY Home Recording Studio

This DIY will help you make a home recording studio.

Step 1: A Good Computer

A good Computer is a key component to having a Home recording studio. A good computer should be able to handle music making apps like garage band, and shouldn't repeatedly crash while making music.

Step 2: A Digital Audio Workstation

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is what you will use to mix, edit, and master your music. Most DAWs will work, making it easy to find one right for you, at the right price range. (Ex. GarageBand).

Step 3: A Quality Mic

Mics are generally the most important thing to making a recording studio. You don't want anything other than a quality mic, one that doesn't have much back round noise intake. Sometimes you can find one for around $100-$200, and you generally don't need more than one.

Step 4: Studio Headphones

Studio headphones block out noise, making you able to hear your voice and the notes your supposed to hit a lot easier, and also if your going to record in you moms basement, sometimes studio headphones will work to plug into your guitar amp so that you can jam as loud as you want without anyone else hearing you. Quality Studio headphones go for around $100-300, and Beats studio headphones are great, also you can use any over-ear Bose headphones too.

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